We are a growing list of neighbors sharing talents, time, and love to mold and achieve a shared mission. We are building a one-stop resource linking neighbors together with trusted information, programs, services, and friends.

A warm and generous community 
working together to be a model of community health

It's YOU, living the healthy, comfortable,

and socially-involved life you choose,

right here in Lyme. And YOU sharing the best you can offer to help others too.

What help would make a real

difference to you right now?
What can you do for someone else
that makes YOU feel really good?

There are powerful connections to make!


May 6th-Save the Date!

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Lyme is a special town with a proud tradition of neighbors working together and caring for one another. We embrace that history and ALL the organizations and individuals -- of ALL ages and means -- that make Lyme a unique, strong community that is always improving. 

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