An Invitation and food for thought …

Warm words from CCL Director, Patty Jenks

As we edge into the beginning of April, I realize that in normal times CommunityCare of Lyme would be hosting our hour of together time for the month. Originally designed at this time of year, to welcome folks who had been in hibernation of sorts through a tough winter, Our Hour was an opportunity to get together just to regroup, visit and re-enter from the dark, snowy winter.

And here we are…backwards…in this springtime. Instead of re-entry to life after winter, we’re in a state of emergent, necessary isolation. We’re missing family, friends and the busyness of life we’re used to. It’s a combination of disbelief, a harsh reality. and a good try at dealing with the whole business with humor and grace.
We’re doing well. We really are.

Please consider yourself cordially invited to the April Our Hour. Here and now. 
Know that you’re welcomed with big smiles, a warm hug and the assurance that your time here is filled with support, understanding and a community of caring friends. If they’re not there, where you can see them, they’re elsewhere, still in your world.

In these days of uncertainty and ever-changing coping strategies, do you feel overwhelmed? Barbara Wilson has been providing us with daily and outstanding thoughts to help address this yucky feeling of not being in control of much, isolation, restrictions and a lifestyle totally foreign to many of us. There aren’t many times that we can collectively say “We understand.” … but, oh, boy…we definitely understand!

Adding to Barbara’s suggestions for survival, consider whether having a visit with a friend you haven’t seen or spoken with for awhile might be a nice distraction. You be the leader. Call and be delighted with the grateful warmth you may well hear and feel when your call is answered. Or, if you’d like one of us to arrange this call for you, please ask! If a face to face virtual Our Hour interests you, we’ll set one up soon. If you’re reading this, you can be part of a virtual gathering. We will try to help make these weeks of safe precautions as bearable as possible.

Finally, from the many extremely helpful and important  messages we’ve received throughout this stand-off, we’ve learned about safety measures, safe distancing (who knew that term existed?), mask making, resources for help if in financial concern, resources for food, and more. If you’ve got questions or need anything at all, please contact us. We are always available at 795-0603 or

And so ends this version of Our Hour. Thank you for coming! Please come again. I hope you have a fabulous, creative and manageable week.