It was a very special, very gorgeous afternoon around the Lyme Center Academy Building!


Our celebration of community involved many, many individuals and community partners.

CommunityCare of Lyme makes it a priority to bring people together throughout the year, in lots of different ways. In our world, sometime’s it’s hard to see past the challenges and to get rid of the stress and sadness that can fill us. Everyone’s mental and emotional health – and our basic sense of humanity – depend on seeing one another. We need to be connected in meaningful ways. It strengthens us as individuals, as well as our community of caring and neighborly service. Sometimes those connections happen in one-to-one conversations, or simply sitting side-by-side. Sometimes small groups get just the right hearts beating together.

On Sunday, we experienced our broader community finding joy in catching up, jumping in leaves, breaking bread together, enjoying music, playing games, making new friends, just watching it all happen … and missing those who couldn’t be with us.

Please read through this message, to join us in gratitude for generous contributors,
and to enjoy some great photos that celebrate the day.

Dan & the Dinosaurs

Thank you for sharing your music!

Dan Freihofer brought together a fabulous bluegrass band – an amazing display of generosity and talent. Joining him were Andy Tuthill,  Mark Sunderwirth, Jim Beaulieu, and special guest Jakob Breitbach, “Fiddle Ninja”. The music and spirit were appreciated by absolutely everyone. What a gift!

Contributors to the Feast

Thank you, generous neighbors, for your delicious offerings!

Jeff Snelling, Chelsea Stone, Jeffrey Stone and David Santaw: amazing pig and chicken roast
Joan & Scott Barthold: cider, fresh-pressed onsite
Cider donors: extending the supply for the crowd
Many fabulous chefs and bakers: a wide array sides dishes and sweets including:

Nancy Allison
 Lynore Bolton
Margaret Caldwell
 Lynn Cook
 Tina Cullenberg
Heidi Davis
Stacie Deiner
 Lara Dwyer
 Lisa Hoffmeister
Patty Jenks
 Dayle Mason
Lynn McRae
Julie Mesiano
Susan Musty
 J.J. Pippin
Pat Pippin
Pam Poire
Jodie Rich
Krista Robbins

Kathy Sherrieb
 Martha Tecca
Cammie Wheeler
Shelby Wood
Sallie Yurkosky

Party Facilities and “Ambiance” Partners

Thank you for sharing your time and resources!

Those Guys of Lyme: the beautiful party tent and parking safety team
The Orford-Fairlee Lions Club: banquet tables and chairs
Caldwells: Pop-up tent
Sue Hewitt and Nora Katz Rhoads: Seasonal floral arrangements
Nearby neighbors – Santaws, Campbell/Sherriebs, First Baptist Church of Lyme, Pochoda/Kelleys, Bret Ryan: safe parking places

Logistics Volunteers

Thank you for lending your helping hands before, during and after the event!

Blake & Nancy Allison

Rich Brown
Margaret Caldwell
Stephen Castellani
Adam Crockett
Sarah Crockett
Julie & Jay Davis
Frank Gould
Dickie Gray
Sue Hewitt
Carola Lea
Dayle Mason
Jim Mason
Christie Manning
Lynn McRae
Fran Noel
Pam Poire
Nora Katz-Rhoads
Ernesto Santana
David Santaw
Kathy Sherrieb & John Campbell
Peggy Villar
Marilyn Wanner

Murray Washburn

Town of Lyme

Thank you for sharing the space around the Lyme Center Academy Building! 

It was wonderful to host a grand, safe outdoor event on the Academy Building and neighboring grounds, and welcome people to visit the CommunityCare of Lyme office and Living Room.

YOU, Friend

Thank you for being a reason to celebrate this special community, and thank you for sharing YOU.

You came from across Lyme, all over the Upper Valley, several states, and a few countries!

Community extends beyond borders. 

It was lovely to be with about 300 of you, sharing the joy of being together, rekindling longtime friendships and making new ones, building trust in the warm, caring network that makes our community strong.  If you weren’t able to be there, we missed you. You are important, and we look forward to being with you soon.

From The Whole CCL Team

We are all in this together and grateful for all the time, energy, communication, skills, resources, and love that went into this big, inclusive gathering.

Blue Jeans & Bluegrass Event Team
Martha Tecca and Shelby Wood, Event Coordinators
Kathy Sherrieb and Lara Dwyer, Food Coordinators
Patty Jenks, Community Advocate and personal outreach
Jim Mason, Those Guys liaison

Program Leaders
Day of Service Team, Kathy McGowan, Sue Hanlon, Lynn McRae, Shelby Wood
Health & Wellness Fair, Shelby Wood, Martha Tecca
Lyme Food Pantry,
Kathy Sherrieb, Lara Dwyer
Mental Health Team,
Laurie Veillette
Neighbors Network,
Dan Freihofer, Patty Jenks
Personnel Committee, Julie Davis, Sue Hanlon, Kathy Sherrieb

CCL Core Team
Shelby Wood, Manager of Volunteer Participation
Nancy Allison, Board
Jennifer Boylston, PhD Treasurer
Julie Davis, MD, Board, Personnel Committee
Lara Dwyer, RN, BSN, Board
Dan Freihofer, Board
Patty Jenks, Chief Community Advocate
Sue Hanlon, Personnel Committee
Carola Lea, Board
Kathy McGowan, Bookkeeper
Kathy Sherrieb, DPh, MSN, Board, Personnel Committee
Grace Tecca, Program Assistant, Graphic Designer
Martha Tecca President and Executive Director
Jeff Valence, Board
Marilyn Wanner, Board

Event Photos

Click below to scroll through a slideshow of photos from the afternoon. If you have more photos to share, please email them to or upload them here.

If you would enjoy learning about ways to help in the community, please contact us any time.

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