CommunityCare of Lyme Mental Health Team

Our goal is to offer the Upper Valley Community opportunities for prevention, education and supportive conversation around mental health and wellness topics. We seek to share and learn together about a wide range of topics impacting our individual and collective mental health.

Sharing what you’ve been feeling and having that validated by others is just a great feeling.  Thank you for creating this group. It’s inclusive and so helpful for so many.

Monthly Discussion Series:

Mark your calendar for the first Tuesday of the month at 6pm. Future topic details to come, and your in put is always welcome!

Upcoming Discussions:

  • February 7th – Communicating with loved Ones
  • March 7th – Coping with the winter blues
  • April 4th – Organization, time management, spring cleaning
  • May 2nd  – Sleep

Mental Health Topics Book Group:

We’ll meet each Wednesday at 6pm in the cozy Lyme Center Academy Building in 8 week sessions to review and discuss our readings together. We will be given homework including book chapters and possibly handouts.

Once after a session is completed, we will take a break for a few weeks, then reassemble for our next weekly mental health topic book group. Each session may have different participants and contributes, but Laurie will always be there.

Please be advised, these are NOT therapy groups.


List of rules/expectations for group members:

  1. expectation of completion of weekly homework assignments
  2. respect for others in group (no offensive language, taking turns speaking, listening respectfully)
  3. attendance at all 8 meetings if able to
  4. respecting the privacy and confidentiality of everyone in the group (what’s said in group, stays in group)    
  5. silence cell phones and minimize distractions
  6. use available support systems as needed (friends, family, local MH resources and crisis resources).

OUR FIRST SESSION IS FULL, but here is what will be happening:

We’ll have two wonderful discussion leaders! Mental Health Team coordinator, Laurie Veillete, PsyD, will be joined by psychologist Dr. Brittany Norris to co-facilitate this groupAccess to materials will be provided by Converse Free Library, with support of the Jenks Fund. 

The first series will start on January 25th and will continue for 8 weeks. We will read The Happiness Trap by Russ Harris. This book is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – which is an evidence-based mental health approach. Russ Harris is an ACT expert and has written this book so that the material is easily digestible and applicable outside of a therapeutic setting.

What this is about: Learning skills for navigating the inevitable challenges of human life. An 8-week class to help you…

  1.  reduce stress and worry
  2.  effectively manage unpleasant thoughts and feelings
  3.  break self-defeating habits
  4.  improve self-esteem
  5.  create a more meaningful life

If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out for help. These are two available resources:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 988
Crisis text line:  741741
In case of an emergency, always dial 911

Mental Health Team Programs & Events

CommunityCare of Lyme’s Mental Health Team welcomes all interested in being a part of creating programming and identifying resources to support mental health in the community. Email or call, if you’d like to be involved.