Thankful beyond Thanksgiving

You have filled my heart, with so many acts of caring and kindness toward neighbors. “Turkey Day” itself was like no other, but the efforts I saw in my own family, throughout the community, and in places farther off, were truly something special. We are grateful for all who have helped make others’ days happy, and wish you a Thanksgiving that lasts. Click on that link if you missed the greeting we posted on our website and Facebook page, graced with some beautiful images shared by neighbors.

Reach out and touch someone. Some of you may remember the TV ad many years ago? Doesn’t really matter who did it. What does matter is the goodness behind the words (taking away the advertising moment) and knowing that you really can touch someone when you reach out. Here’s a beautiful message from neighbor Chris Jackson, who was also thinking about this. Thank you, Chris. 

Reaching out to others is a critical need in these days and times. Holidays, always a source of stress, might become a complicated source of not only stress, but also depression, isolation, and anxiety right now … especially for those already at risk and those being super-vigilant at protecting themselves and others. 

Let’s use that old advertising slogan to remember our friends and neighbors with a simple call or note. We can be thankful for the opportunity to be a real help to others and thankful that we have others to help. Loneliness goes in different directions … but it won’t win in Lyme. As the beautiful book of Lyme life says: “We Had Each Other”. By being able to reach out to touch each other, we are thankful beyond Thanksgiving.

Wishing you all good health, warm friendly days and many reasons to be thankful.

With Love,  Patty

603-795-0603 (CCL office)

Don’t forget: 

This Week in the Woods. 

In April, our friends at Northern Woodlands started a woodlands treasure hunt/tic tac toe weekly series, inspired by efforts to keep their own school-age children entertained & learning during this difficult time. “This Week in the Woods” shares images from the past week (plus archives to previous weeks), taken in forests within 15 miles of the Northern Woodlands office in Lyme, New Hampshire. It’s the Thanksgiving edition! Turkey, cranberries and 2,000 year old butter. Plus, how bobcats store leftovers.

Remember to Shop Local! 

There’s never been a time when buying local would have as big an impact as it does right now. Shop owners, crafters, growers, chefs, artisans, and makers of all kinds are offering wonderful gift ideas. Shop early, shop often, shop safely. Local businesses are investing in safety measures and creativity is unbelievable, in response to the pandemic. Take some time to look around. If you need something for distant family members, consider local businesses near them, or ask about delivery options from our local merchants. Are you an avid shopper – online or in stores? We’d love your help in compiling a list of local businesses offering fun gift ideas. Reply to this email or call Martha at 603-795-0603.

The Lyme Food Pantry will be open on Tuesday. 

At 1pm, all are welcome to our “Farmers Market” display of Willing Hands produce. We require masks, clean hands, and safe distances, to keep us all healthy. You can order a food package at 795-0603, or stop by. We will have special holiday offerings and continued safe distribution of food as the weather turns cold. Stop by or call with your ideas and requests!

We are here. Every day. 

Reach out when you or someone you care about needs a hand. If you could use information, help, a listening ear or ways to make someone else feel really good, contact us at 603-795-0603 or We partner with organizations and generous volunteers to connect you with just the right resources and opportunities to get involved: Deliveries or errands. Groceries or meals. Handy help around home. Holiday ideas and cheer. A little help problem-solving. You name it.

Coming up: 

While we all catch our breaths for the holiday season, we are keeping it simple today:

?? Don’t miss the Lyme Tree Festival on Saturday, December 5th! ??

Watch for messages from Pat Pippin, Liz Carey, and Lynne Parshall for more details about this annual special event. There is a lot of work going into it, and there will be many ways to enjoy some safe and beautiful time in the spirit of community. 

Check out the Lyme Events Calendar online, with more holiday events being added. Note that there are several weekly free and by donation meal options that welcome everyone. Please let us know about events you’d like us to share.

Please be extra-careful about keeping yourself and others safe and healthy. As now mandated, wear an appropriate mouth and nose covering when you are in public. Keep a safe distance. Stay home if you are sick at all. And please be kind, as you encourage others to practice safe behaviors. ❤️ ?.

Here are some of our sources and more great resources to learn about all kinds of events.

Information is gathered from multiple sources including the town, library, local bulletins and businesses. Here are a few direct links to organizations’ full schedules:

We are here for you.
When you seek information, help, or ways to help others, contact us.

The Lyme Community Help Line:
call 795-0603 or email

Lyme Food Pantry or prepared meals. Deliveries or errands. Help around home. You name it.

Click here to check out the Lyme Events Calendar
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