CCL Weekly Update – 3/27/2020

“Stay at home, Save Lives” … and Savor the Silver Linings

It’s such a struggle to equate this lovely, innocent spring day with the angst that surrounds us. With the latest directive from our state leaders, we now have the “hard copy” version of stay home and wash your hands…they mean it. Please see the state’s simple “Do and Don’t/Open and Closed” list. And, of course, it is for our safety, and – more importantly – for the safety of others who may be affected (well, infected) by our comings and goings and physical touches.

But this bizarre business doesn’t change the important stuff, and it may even be giving us more time for the important stuff. From looking around and listening to many of you, it seems that there are many silver linings. Maybe we can all appreciate what we have and share even more love with friends and neighbors near and far. Feeling that spirit, I am thinking especially about a few special birthdays and staying in touch.

Please remember your friends and neighbors – especially those having to relocate to safer places during these times – with a call or card. Let’s take time to send birthday wishes to Barbara Balch who celebrated yesterday, Tammy Bailey-Pippin, who celebrates TODAY and Ken Uline and Duane Small, Kathy Bailey and Donna Draper who celebrate on April 1st.  These are ones I know about…there are lots more that you know about – Please share them and allow us the chance to spread a happy message of love and care during these otherwise difficult times.

For those of us who may find we need something, that there are many, many neighbors finding new time and new ways to help, and your friends at CommunityCare of Lyme are making sure that volunteers and those they serve are following necessary safety practices. We’ll be sharing more details about specific ways we can help – and ways you can help, if you like, even from home.

With love and wishes for you to find the silver linings, Patty

603-795-0603 (CCL office)

CommunityCare of Lyme is honored to be a partner with the many, many extraordinary individuals and organizations coming together for the community at this time.

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