CCL Weekly Update – 4/10/2020

Don’t judge our spirit by our cover …

Isn’t this the strangest feeling in our little town?  We hardly see people out and about, and when we do, they’re masked and hurrying to get back to the safety of their own space. Instead of the usual open, friendly smiles and hugs of welcome, we see nothing but sad and anxious eyes, and it’s unsettling.

The dramatic change in our outward facing persona is distressing. And yet, taking these drastic measures to stay safe at home and complying with inconvenient and changing recommendations for our safety, sends a totally different message about our true, collective persona. It means we care. We are sharing tangible evidence that we care about each other and ourselves and our town. And that is our Lyme. This is who we are. The messages of support and care that are posted daily are beautiful … another tangible way to show our care for each other. I send heartfelt, loving appreciation for all of your efforts, especially the very real effort to stay home when it seems so harmless to go out.

We know that every member of a family is important – and each may cause worry in a unique way. And, of course, our families include our pets, as well. CommunityCare of Lyme is committed to providing help and support as you need it, and that (always) includes your family members that require pet food instead of people food. Having read the article in yesterday’s Valley News, a generous friend has offered to supplement the Jenks Fund, to be sure families can reach out for help they need to continue caring for their pets. Please don’t feel compelled to give your pet friends away during this time because you’re worried about the expense. We can help. You need your pets and they need you.  A family sticks together during times like this, and we’ll do our best to help make that happen. Please help us spread this word to those who may not receive these Listserv messages.

I’d like to repeat a plea I made last week: Coping during times like this (and who remembers a time like this??) can be a challenge. Please keep in mind that isolation, even shared isolation, can make it harder to control and manage some strong feelings and actions. The CDC offers guidance and resources about stress and coping. If you are concerned for yourself or others, please seek help. Scroll down to see the list of Mental and Behavioral Health Help Centers. 

We are here for you!

Call 795-0603 email

if you have a question you’re not sure who can answer, if you or someone you know needs help, or if you would like to volunteer in some way — even from the safety of your home.

Please, please, please. If there’s anything at all we can do to help you stay safely at home, contact us.

Sending love and encouraging vibes as we march on through this storm, Patty

603-795-0603 (CCL office)

Mental and Behavioral Health Help Centers* 

Please call 911 in case of emergency. If you don’t feel it’s an emergency and you have a primary care practitioner who knows you well, that should be your first call. Their office should be able to direct you to the answers or support you may need.

Here is a selection of help and crisis lines:

*Please contact us with other resources you think it would be helpful to include.

We are here for you.
When you seek information, help, or ways to help others, contact us.

The Lyme Community Help Line:
call 795-0603 or email

Lyme Food Pantry or prepared meals. Deliveries or errands. Help around home. You name it.

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