CCL Weekly Update – 5/15/2020

Patiently watching … and waiting. We’re doing it!

Yesterday, I drove home on Baker Hill, through what we call “the swamp”. At the end of that magical area is Martha Perkins home. Martha’s gone now, but her home is as sweet as ever, lovingly tended to by her family.  This time of year, around these parts are the little forget-me-nots that pop up everywhere, likely spin-off clusters from those Martha used to dig up from her patch and give away each year. Amid what remains of her patch sat a sizable gray squirrel. It sat just gazing at Martha’s home, still as a stone, even though my noisy car approached, and slowed down. I stopped to watch. It sat and stared at the home, as if to say, “come out, Martha–come and play!”  It remained sitting as I drove away. Just watching and waiting.

Doesn’t that feel like what we’re all doing, too? Waiting for someone to come play, or visit. Waiting to be able to go out for some retail therapy. Waiting to hear the danger has passed and be given the all-clear to resume a new normal in our collective lives.

They say patience is a virtue. I’m not sure who “they” are … but I notice patience (giving and receiving) certainly makes things so much easier to cope with when the going gets tough and tedious.

The Lyme School “We Miss You” Upside-Down Parade on Wednesday was a great example of waiting, watching and patience. Students, families, staff, and many in the community were so delighted to see one another, in a safe, distant – and, of course, fun – way.

Others patiently waiting are volunteers! Lots of friendly neighbors have reached out, been briefed on safety guidelines, and put their names on the list to offer a hand – a friendly conversation, a bit of raking, a timely errand, a home-made meal. You name it. They enjoy opportunities to be helpful. Now, you may be waiting to ask for a favor, being patient yourself. I’d like to suggest that right now, you would be doing everyone a favor by reaching out for help when you need it. That connection you make possible when you accept a volunteer’s kindness is just what they’ve been waiting for.

Can you think of something that could brighten your day? Call 603-795-0603 or email, and you could make someone else’s day, too. We see it happening and it brings us all smiles.

It’s all a big adventure and one our community is managing with amazing grace and patience.

Deep breaths, continued patience, and big virtual hugs to all. We’re doing it!

Love, Patty


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