CCL Weekly Update – 6/27/2020

Good morning!

It’s hard to believe we’re in mid-summer already. With the hot days, I remember growing up in Lyme, and later raising the girls here. Summers were spent on Chase Beach (aka “the pond”). Until recently, the crowded beach and water indicated summer fun and relaxing.

As I drove by the pond on one of the really hot days this week and noticed the large number of cars, I realized that things are so much different now. I wasn’t flooded with a feeling of cool relief, but a little concern for all of our safety. Isn’t that always with us now?

Understandably, with the extreme heat, everyone wants refreshing water and a diversion from the spring pandemic tedium. We are so fortunate to have beautiful Post Pond! The reality is that we can’t get too distracted from the necessary evils of social distancing and diligence in protecting each other. I lovingly suggest that you add a new accessory to your beach attire, and continue wearing masks. (Can we call the new look a tri-kini? ) It may not make a big difference … but we don’t know for sure that it won’t. ??

For more information about enjoying a safe summer, please see the Lyme Recreation Facility News posted on the Listserv today. And if you missed Monday’s Zoom gathering, Covid-19: Practical Guidance for Summer 2020, click on the link to learn more about the panelists and listen to the recording of the helpful session about staying safe and healthy.

Normally we get a bit of a transition into summer, but like so many things in the last few months, it’s been a change that’s a little too fast for our systems. With the ending of school, disappearance of some jobs, and uncertainty about so much, many are looking for opportunities to work or be helpful as volunteers. And we’re hearing about needs for all kinds of help … in yards and gardens, with childcare, errands for those staying safe at home, rides, and more.

CommunityCare of Lyme is trying to help by pulling together a list of Lyme Summer Helpers, so we can connect those who may find themselves seeking work with those who may need some help. The list will include individual workers of all ages or small businesses looking for pay and those who wish to volunteer to help in the community during the next few months. I shared this last week for the first time. We’ve had several people put their names on the list and a few requests from people looking for workers. Because people’s needs and schedules will keep changing over the next few months, we anticipate the list will be ever-changing too.

Please share the word about the Lyme Summer Helpers list! Click here to be put on the list as a worker or volunteer.  Contact, if you have questions or suggestions about the list. Call 795-0603 or email, if you’d like some names of helpers.

Finally, as we complete our 5th year as an independent non-profit organization (the 6th year since our founding) the CommunityCare of Lyme board extends sincere thanks to everyone who has shown such tremendous support in so many ways.  The last few months alone is a strong indicator of how effective and important the strength of community caring and communications can be. We remain committed to continuing to look for ways to uplift and support this amazing community. We welcome your thoughts – and your involvement – always.

Please enjoy your weekend and the coming week!

With Love,  Patty

603-795-0603 (CCL office)

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More and more is opening up for us to enjoy – both out “in the world” and from home. As you start getting out and about, please be thoughtful about how to keep yourself and others safe and healthy. Wear a mask when you are in public. Continue to keep a safe distance. Stay home if you are sick at all. Check out the growing listing of events on the Lyme Events Calendar online. We invite you to let us know about other things you think we should share. Following are just a few highlights.

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