Traditional festivities are on break, yet there are SO MANY ways to

Celebrate Life in Lyme!

A guest blog by Sarah Crockett

Thanks to Those Guys for keeping our community traditions alive!

I look forward to seeing my Lyme friends and eating delicious pancakes on the 4th!

I would love to encourage you to gather with friends and family on July 6th to celebrate all the great things about living in Lyme and enjoying the great freedoms that come along with living in the United States of America.  While we have many battles yet to fight to preserve our values

of “liberty and justice for all”, I think that it is important to stop and be grateful for all that has been accomplished over the past 243 year since the founding of our nation.

If you’re trying to think of activities to fill in you day next Saturday, as Lyme community events are “postponed”, here are some of my ideas of how to celebrate living in the great town of Lyme:

  • Gather friends for a picnic on the Green–play some old fashioned games with the kids, deck them out in Red White and Blue finery, eat ice cream from the country store!
  • Stop by the Lyme Historians and soak in some Lyme history.
  • Hike one of our beautiful trails–Lyme Hill, Smarts Mountain, Pinnacle, anyone?
  • Mountain Bike at the Greens and enjoy the community mindedness of Bob Green.
  • Swim at Post Pond–gather your friends, have a BBQ on the charcoal grill, invite everyone to bring an instrument and sing some campfire songs as the evening winds down (a personal daydream of mine!)
  • Play some Pick-Up baseball on our beautiful Post Pond Baseball field–parents vs. kids is always fun!
  • Paddle the Connecticut River.
  • Visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while.
  • Read a book about the American Revolution.
  • Eat dinner at the Lyme Inn or Latham House Tavern and appreciate our local businesses.

That’s just a few things on my wish list–feel free to share YOUR ideas of how to celebrate living in Lyme!

God Bless America, land that I love!

Stand beside her and guide her

Through the night with the light from above.