April 1st is “Census Day”. Where were you (or should you have been) on that day?

The U.S. Census Bureau uses April 1st to determine how many and where we all are for the Census, completed every 10 years, as instructed by the Constitution. It’s always a challenge to get a complete count. This year, it is more complicated than usual, as people are displaced by COVID-19.

If you are temporarily displaced due to the coronavirus, enter the address where you would have been living on April 1st.

For example, if you are a college student whose school has closed, completing your term at home, complete the census for your dorm or off-campus address (or as instructed by your school.)

If you are temporarily staying with family or unexpectedly at a vacation home, complete the census for where you would normally have been staying on April 1st.

The census is important to our communities, and everyone matters.

Please respond online if you can (and you can, if you are reading this!) There will be additional outreach, and then door-knocking, to addresses whose responses have not been received. Let’s save the resources and keep people safe by responding now. If you have your Census ID from a mailing you have received, that will save you a couple of “clicks”. If you don’t have it, you can easily respond. It’s surprisingly quick. If you haven’t already, do it now!


If you have questions, contact CommunityCare of Lyme. We’re partnering to help ensure a complete count. Call 603-795-0603 or