Creating Inner Space & Balance

A conversation with Donelle Bucholtz, Integrative Health Coach

Most of us understand the value of creating balance in our lives, and having time to think and appreciate all the that’s happening around us. Getting there can be difficult, and takes practice. View the information shared to learn more about how to apply this in your daily life!

In this program we will learned how to…

  • Create space to explore behaviors and habits
  • Gain clarity on what nourishes you as an individual & what habits may bring you out of balance
  • Create awareness-  an important step toward elevating health
  • Engage in a brief meditation & reflection exercise

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Donelle Bucholtz Integrative Health Coach
Donelle is a certified Integrative Health Coach. Through personalized health coaching and a variety of tools, including mindfulness and meditation, Donelle guides clients to understand their individual needs around nutrition, movement, sleep, spirituality, and connection. Donelle helps her clients achieve balance, presence, and whole body health while supporting them to let go of behaviors that are no longer serving them. She supports people to invite in habits that promote vitality. Her recommendations focus on small, yet impactful changes that become lifelong habits and lead to lasting transformation.

Donelle received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she learned from leading experts in holistic health. Donelle is also a Reiki Practitioner, offering in-person and virtual sessions to support mind-body wellness.

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