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VEGICARE – It’s that THYME again!- JULY 10 till frost!
With enthusiasm that can’t be SQUASHED and a mission that can’t be BEET, VegiCare returns for its 7th season. LETTUCE invite you to help us GROW further and allow our collective efforts to MUSHROOM. The Lyme Health Ministry is asking you to drop off your extra produce to the Horse Shed across from the Lyme Congregational Church. Keep your eyes PEELED and you’ll see the donation tables SPROUTING beneath the VegiCare sign.

1) Are you a VEGETABLE growing person who CAREs about your neighbors?
2) Would you like to help neighbors who could benefit from your green thumb?
3) Do you have extra produce or herbs from your garden you simply can’t use but would like to donate it to those who could?
4) Will you TURNIP to donate your produce and help PRODUCE better nutrition in our town?

WHAT: Drop off produce, herbs on Mondays from 8-4
WHERE: Horseshed with the “VegiCare” sign
WHEN: Mondays only, July 10 to first hard frost
WHY: To help promote Healthy Eating

Thank you in advance. We promise to bring your broccoli, cart your cauliflower, funnel your fennel, escort your escarole, launch your lettuce, run your radishes, transport your tomatoes, carry your corn and tote your tarragon to Lyme neighbors. If you have any questions GERMINATING, please call or e-mail Dayle Mason or Mimi Weinstein. Thank you from the bottom of our ARTICHOKE loving HEARTS.

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