Thank you, Hanover High “Intensive” Team, for generous service to the Lyme community!

If you drive by Post Pond and the ball field you may notice some enhancements to these special spaces, which were created in honor of Lyme neighbors lost, kept up by volunteers, and enjoyed by the whole community. Last week, a team of eight Hanover High School students, led by Lyme resident and HHS faculty member, Tom Gamble, weeded and mulched the large berm at the edge of the parking lot and painted the new dugouts a nice Lyme green ?.

This was the pandemic-delayed “March Intensive” program, an annual week of educational experiences that provide opportunities for meaningful learning for students and staff that are different from what already exist in the school’s curriculum offerings. The students spent four truly intense days in Lyme, performing service and making a meaningful contribution to community life. In addition to the hard work at the pond (remember last week’s 80-degree days?), the crew moved and stacked a large pile of wood at a neighbor’s home, raked out the horsesheds by the Lyme Congregational Church, and baked dozens of treats that will be distributed to spread cheer across the community.

The student volunteers were: Dylan Jopp, Owen Kitchel, Janina Li, Gwyn Munroe, Joe Richter, Mandi Shi, Hunter Smith, and Jack Stadheim. Please join us in sharing huge thanks to these hard-working, generous young people!

We are always eager to help volunteers find meaningful, fun ways to contribute talents and energy in Lyme and where it may be most needed. Please contact us to join in. All are welcome!
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