Happy Thanksgiving!

With Sincere Gratitude

to Chris Jackson for finding and sharing the hopeful photo
to Molly Mundy for her beautiful watercolor image
to so many friendly neighbors who have helped make this Thanksgiving a little brighter, especially:

Blake & Nancy Allison
Brandi Ash
Joan Barthold
Jennifer Boylston
Margaret & Tim Caldwell
John Campbell
Faith Catlin
Ann Christiano
The Davis Family
Lara Dwyer
Sarah Eck

Greg & Nadia Gorman
Patty Jenks
Lee Larson
Lyme Parish Nursing team
Dayle Mason
Graham Miller
Kingland Farms
Theresa Mundy
Kristin Munroe
Abbe Murphy
Susan Musty

Kevin Peterson & Rebecca Lovejoy
Pam Poire
Jen Schiffman
Kathy Sherrieb
Sarah Shipton
Chris, Mark & Martha Tecca
Sally Thursby
Laurie Wadsworth
Cammie Wheeler
Mary Wing