Did you notice someone doing something nice? The Lyme Foundation wants to reward that something with a small gift of appreciation.

As shared on the Lyme Listserv by Matt Prince for the Lyme Foundation


The Trustees of the Lyme Foundation want to honor the acts of goodwill that make our town special, especially in a time that has brought hardship for so many.

Kindness matters in Lyme and we celebrate the compassion that creates community.

Beginning on January 1st, the Lyme Foundation invites you to share a few sentences about any and all deliberate and/or random Acts of Lymeness–no matter how big or small.  Now is the time to recognize that neighbor for their daily smile, the school friend who helped with difficult homework, the mail carrier for bringing the packages to the door, the volunteers who have given hours to the COVID task force, your friend who reached out when you were down.

How it works, in brief:

You can recognize a Random Act of Lymeness either online at www.lymefoundation.org, or on paper forms soon to be available at locations in town. For five weeks, we will post these Random Acts of Lymeness on the Lyme Foundation website. From acts of kindness submitted, we will hold weekly drawings to select that week’s five winners of $20 of ‘Lyme Bucks’ to spend at any Lyme business. At the end of the five weeks, all participants (both kind actors and kind “noticers”!) will be entered into a drawing from which five will be selected to receive $100 of Lyme Bucks to spend in Lyme. Just by reporting an Act of Lymeness, you are included in the final drawing!


For more information about the Lyme Foundation’s effort to recognize “Random Acts of Lymeness” and other important work improving the quality of life in Lyme, go to: