Submitted to the Lyme Listserv (10/26/22) by Kathy Sherrieb

“Hello Lyme,

So, there are a few ways to prepare for the coming winter:

First, get your fuel tanks, propane tanks and woodpiles filled and stocked NOW.  In the Valley News today, the NH Dept. of Energy indicates that fuel reserves in NH are LOW (around 60% of the average level over 5 years). And prices for fuel are HIGH.  I will forward application info for fuel assistance in my next email*.

Second, given our lovely old New England homes, we need to plug up the drafts and that is called WEATHERIZATION.  I  have had reports from people who knew their windows were drafty but can’t get new windows (high cost, bad timing now, living in a rental property).  They signed up for the WindowDressers Insulating windows and have found that they make a big difference.  Why let air that you pay to heat, go right out the window??  This has become an incredibly popular program in the Upper Valley and there is still time to apply for this.  If you need financial assistance for inserts, please let us know at 603-795-0603 or and we will try to help.  If you need help accessing the application, contact us as above.  Currently, volunteers are able to measure each window, construct the inserts, and then install them.  SO WE ALSO NEED LYME VOLUNTEERS.  I hope that this info helps our community stay warm this winter without ‘breaking the bank’ with high fuel costs.

Our Insulating Inserts

WindowDressers Insulating Window Inserts let in light while stopping drafts. Each insert is made of a custom-made pine frame wrapped on each side with tightly-sealed, clear polyolefin film, creating an airspace between the two layers for additional insulation. The insert is finished with a compressible foam gasket. The foam allows enough give for the inserts to be easily slid into place in the fall and removed in the spring, while holding firmly enough to provide a tight, friction-based seal. The inserts are installed inside of your existing window frame with no fasteners required.

The inserts are free for those who cannot afford to pay, and low cost for middle and high income households. We keep our insert-prices exceptionally low (50%-75% cheaper than commercial products) through our non-profit model of cooperative insert-building. This means that customers contribute time at our local Community Builds. Please visit our Volunteer page to learn more about our participatory model.

Ordering Process

  1. REQUEST INSERTS by calling 207-596-3073 or  FILL OUT THIS FORM. You will be assigned to your closest Community Build in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont.
  2. GET MEASURED by a team of volunteers who will visit, assess and measure your windows, give you a quote, and collect payment.
  3. SIGN UP for shifts at your Community Build. > HERE
  4. PAY for your inserts (special low-income pricing available upon request) HERE
  5. PARTICIPATE in the Community Build where the inserts are built.
  6. PICK UP YOUR INSERTS from the Community Build once yours are complete.
  7. INSTALL your inserts in your windows.
  8. ENJOY a warmer home and lower heating bills!

* Another notice to Lyme that Fuel Assistance is available and NOW is the time to apply for these services. Please read through the list of resources and also find the application for Pearl Dimick Fuel Assistance at the end of this message. We are currently reviewing applications for Pearl Funds. If you have ties to Lyme but are living elsewhere, we have a limited fund, the Dorcas Chaffee Fund, to support you. Apply early and apply to all of the resources to be assured that you have some coverage for fuel. Please take the time to apply because we believe that many households will need fuel assistance this season.


Fuel Assistance Programs are accepting applications NOW! Including the Pearl Dimick Fund specifically for Lyme residents.
The Pearl Dimick Fund is offering $750 in fuel grants to low-income residents in Lyme. Please fill out the application (required to be considered for a grant) and return it by mail, email or in person to Kathy Sherrieb.
Other fuel assistance and WEATHERIZATION programs are listed. Apply early and apply to all of the programs to get the maximum fuel and electric assistance support.
If you have questions, call the CCL line – 603-795-0603 – email us at or


Kathy Sherrieb
Kathy SherriebCCL Board Member, Lyme Food Pantry Coordinator, Pearl Dimmick Fuel Assistance

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