Hunting Season Reminders 

Shared by Lyme Conservation Committee

This week we are re-sharing information from the Lyme Conservation Commission as they share some wonderful safety tips and reminders to keep yourself, your friends (with two and four legs) and your family safe during hunting season.

As we pass September’s mid-point, we enter the autumn season, that time of year many residents consider the prime reason for living in the Upper Valley. The weather is fresh and crisp, the leaf color is striking, and there are no bugs. It’s a great time to be outdoors!
Fall also is when hunting enthusiasts take to the woods. This coincidence means that the time when many people most want to be outdoors – whether hiking, jogging or mountain biking – also can be the most dangerous.
Please enjoy Lyme’s hiking woods and trails during the fall season but keep a few safety tips in mind before heading out.
1) Remember that, except for the Chaffee Wildlife Sanctuary, Lyme does not restrict hunting on its Town-owned properties. Be cautious, especially if you’re out in the Town Forest and the Trout Pond Forest.
2) Leave an itinerary so people know where you plan to go.
3) Hike with a companion whenever possible.
4) Wear bright colors, preferably blaze orange, whether a vest, hat or scarf. Make sure any four-footed, furry companion coming along has a colorful article of clothing to wear too.
5) Be alert to the presence of other people in your proximity.

6) Take water along.

More useful information and hiking tips can be found on the NH Fish and Game website by using this link.

We wish you an enjoyable and safe autumn!

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