Loving This Winter – Staying Safe and Connected

Submitted by the CCL Aging in Our Community Team
EDITED to include notes from the February 14th gathering

This winter has been something special!

No matter our ages, there have been some tricky times over the last couple of months. A December storm wreaked havoc on property, made roads impassable, and left many of us without the ability to communicate by phone or computer for days. It also made it impossible for us to connect with one another around the holidays in ways many of us had looked forward to. Last weekend, we experienced “freak” dangerously cold and windy weather, with Mount Washington experiencing record low temperatures … and, again, lots of us staying inside as experts warned we should.

In the midst of all that, we had a winter storm with heavy, wet snow that made shoveling a bit of a concern, layers of snow over the sneaky slippery ice have made walking treacherous, we’ve heard from our police and neighbors about phone and internet scams, a new vigorous version of the Covid virus is on the loose, “cabin fever” is setting in, and you can probably list more challenges.

How can we be prepared for Winter’s worst?

And also, there has been winter fun: Remarkably beautiful days with lovely conditions for walking, hiking, and skiing. The Lyme ice rink has been available to skaters (with much care on the part of a team of dedicated volunteers). Over 125 people “Mingled” at the Lyme Center Academy Building for an afternoon of music, warm conversation and games.

How can we safely enjoy the best parts of the season? 


Jim Mason joined us to offer some answers.

Thirteen neighbors gathered on February 14th over lunch in the CommunityCare of Lyme Living Room to discuss staying safe and connected in winter, At the invitation of the Aging in Our Community Team (see below). Jim Mason shared tips from his longtime experience as a first responder and wilderness rescue team member. He brings additional perspective as the and son of a parent who he’s helping to keep safe. Most of those gathered plan to remain in their current homes as long as they are able, and some came with specific questions. Jim opened with the helpful reminder:

“Aging safely in our home … is NO accident.”

It was a rich conversation! Here are Jim’s quick notes – a helpful reference for anyone thinking of their own safety as they age or looking out for neighbors or loved ones. The tips are especially useful for those of any age who those who live alone. There’s a lot more to this conversation, and it’s never too late to get back to Loving Winter.

Call us any time with questions or your own tips for enjoying winter and safely living a full, active life. 


Also, let us know if you have suggestions or ideas about future topics for conversations over lunch or evening Zoom gatherings.

The original post included the following invitation:

The Aging in Our Community Team invites you to join us for conversation over lunch to share tips about safety and fun in winter, helping us all stay healthy and connected. ALL are welcome.
February 14th at noon in the CCL Living Room Join us! If you need a ride, just ask.
Call 603-795-0603 or email events@cclyme.org

Lyme’s Jim Mason will be our guest expert. Drawing on years of experience in emergency response to homes and in the wilderness, he’ll share some winter tips and answer your questions. We’ll address safety Inside – heating with care, avoiding falls, eating well, stocking necessities, preparing for power loss; Outside – navigating walkways and roads, getting fresh air, enjoying winter sports, clearing vents, sharing transportation; and Online and on the phone – staying connecting, avoiding scams, checking in with neighbors, calling for help. As always, our gathering will be a safe space for open conversation. Come with questions or concerns. Come and share your best tips for getting through the cold, dark winter and staying involved in things you love to do. There will be time for free conversation on any topic that interests you.


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