Spring is upon us!
Let me tell you about Lyme Gardeners.

Contributed by Anne Baird

Are you a gardener? Brand new? Experienced? Retired from gardening? Just interested?

Lyme Gardeners is ready for you!

Here are some basics: Lyme Gardeners has been around since 2006. We are a very informal group of people from Lyme and surrounding communities who share an interest in gardens, gardening and plants in general. Our primary activity is Pardon My Garden (PMG), visiting each other’s gardens most Tuesdays, and usually somewhere between 1-7:30pm, from early May until late September. See this year’s schedule below. We also have occasional field trips and potluck suppers. Our Lyme Gardener listserv is very active. Subscribers post questions, share information about gardens and plants, post photos, keeps our schedule, and sends automatic reminders of PMG visits and LG activities.

Anyone on our listserv is welcome to post gardening-related observations, resources, questions, share information about gardens and plants, suggestions, ideas for field trips, plant exchanges, etc. Advertising products and services, religious or political commentary is not permitted.

Lyme Gardeners is not a club. There are no bylaws, officers, or dues. 

Perfect, weed-free gardens are NOT what Lyme Gardeners expect. We just enjoy sharing our pleasure in gardening. Automatic reminders are delivered four days before each PMG, will include directions, and host questions or concerns.

Everyone is welcome – bring a friend!

Pardon My Garden 2021 Calendar
on the Lyme Gardeners Website

Lyme Gardener Listserv members receive weekly emails with addresses and timing.
to subscribe, send a blank email to lyme-gardeners-subscribe@lists.vitalcommunities.org.

Questions? Just click here to email Anne Baird.