Lyme Pickleball

Submitted by Lynne Parshall to the Lyme Listserv on April 24, 2022

As of May 1st, we are playing outdoors.  The process is new, and different, and while I am happy to answer questions, I will not be sending out weekly email reminders. The town has given us two exclusive times for Pickleball on the Post Pond Courts:  Saturday morning and Wednesday afternoon/evening. However, as you know, the courts are rarely used for tennis, so I am attempting to set up an opportunity for people to find others to play with using an online app: Playtime Scheduler. I have set up in Playtime Scheduler not only game times for our reserved time, but also one spot each day where people can congregate and find others to play with. If you want to set up your own times, go ahead. If you want to play, add your name to a play time. The system will notify you via email when 4 people have signed up so you know you have enough players for a game. This may seem complicated, but we have been using it in Woodstock for awhile, and it works great.

So here it is:

  1. Use Playtime Scheduler Pickleball  to FIND people to play with. We are Upper Valley (New Hampshire) Lyme Tennis Courts. So make sure to look for games at the right venue and to use the correct venue if you are setting up more games.
  2. This program does NOT reserve court time. If you show up and the courts are in use, you will need to wait until they are free.
  3. Limit games you set up to be within two weeks from the current day (honor system)
  4. I will be looking at patterns of play and try to adjust prescheduled game times to facilitate use.
  5. Please check your game before heading out to play to make sure there are enough people signed up or you may get there and find that there is no game.
  6. If you plan to play please sign up so people know if there are enough people to play.

Send questions if you have them.

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