Lyme Recreation Facility News – June 27, 2020

As shared on the Lyme Listserv by Dina Cutting for the Lyme Select Board

New playground! 
Yes it is ready for some fun. Enjoy.
The table tennis and changing room will be coming soon. (These areas are still roped off so please do not enter, the ground is unstable).
Something new: 
You will notice when you drive or walk into the rec area we have newly appointed Recreation Facility Monitors. Brandi Ash and Susanne Simon. They will ask you to stop and give them a minute to check for your red resident sticker and write your license plate number down.
They will have a handout with the facility safety rules and regulations for your information. Please help them by making this area as safe as we can. Remember we are all in this together.
If you need to get your sticker call the Town Clerk’s office @ 795-2535 and make arrangements for curbside pick up or have it mailed to you.

General Regulations: The following regulations apply to the recreation areas at Post Pond including Chase Beach and surrounding Playground areas, the John Balch Memorial Field, the Arnie Pushee Basketball and Tennis Courts.

  • Recreation areas are for the use of Lyme residents and their guests. (Lyme resident must be at the location with the guest)
  • All recreation areas will be closed from dusk to dawn (with the exception of authorized events)
  • All motor vehicles shall be parked in the parking lot and are not allowed in the beach or field areas.
  • Town of Lyme Resident stickers are required in the parking area.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the beach, on the courts or on the playing field. Persons carrying alcoholic beverages into these areas will be asked/required to leave and may be prosecuted for violation of this ordinance.
  • All domestic animals (with the exception of service animals) are to be kept on the road or in the parking lot and not at any time allowed in the Chase Beach,  Memorial Field, basketball court, and/or tennis court areas.
  • No camping and/or overnight activities are permitted.
  • All litter and trash is the responsibility of the user.  All Lyme Recreation Facility areas are, carry in – carry out.
  • No fires of any kind are allowed except in a raised barbecue grill.

Chase Beach Regulations: All persons in the Chase Beach area or in the designated swimming area shall at all times follow these regulations:

  •  All children 12 years of age and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all time.
  • No boats of any kind are permitted within 25 feet of the beach and swimming  area. Boats may not come ashore onto or be launched from Chase Beach. (This includes blow up boats)
  • No fishing within 25 feet of the beach area at any time.
  • No swimming in disposable diapers and no swimming in bare bottoms.
Select Board, Town of Lyme