The Lyme School Giving Tree – Virtual Edition is now LIVE!

Contributed by Fauve Dela Cruz, on behalf of the Lyme School PTO

With a dusting of snow, the smell of a freshly cut fir tree, and “Winter Wonderland” playing on repeat… The Lyme School Giving Tree- Virtual Edition is now LIVE!
The Giving Tree – organized by The Lyme School PTO – is just another way during this holiday season for our community to come together, show gratitude and appreciation towards our wonderful teachers, staff, and community members, and express generosity and support to those who need it.
This year we’ve decided to extend the reach of The Giving Tree to everyone in the Lyme community, including CommunityCare of Lyme (CCL) and The Converse Free Library to spread even more cheer!

Two Ways to Give:

(Please read through and follow the directions)


  • Visit through the following links (the first two links are through The Lyme School PTO Smile account so that Amazon will donate a portion of the sale to The Lyme School Partnership Association at no extra cost to you. Please sign up if you haven’t already!):
    • STAFF (list for the Lyme School Teachers and Staff) 
    • FAMILIES (list for the families in Lyme)
    • LIBRARY (list for The Converse Free Library)
  • Pick and purchase an item/items
    • No gift wrapping gifts for STAFF and LIBRARY, please!
  • Send to the Lyme School Partnership Association (the Gift Registry address for the STAFF and FAMILIES lists) or to Judith G. Russell, Director (the Gift Registry address for The Converse Free Library) so that they arrive before/on the deadlines.

2. SIGN-UP GENIUS (directions are also listed in the description of the Sign-Up Genius page)

  • Visit The Giving Tree Sign-Up Genius
  • Choose and Sign Up for an item/items you wish to give.
  • Purchase item(s).
    • If you’ve chosen an item from the FAMILIES list (it can be wrapped or unwrapped), please label it with the F code in brackets located next to the item name (Ex. Winter Coat [F.29]) so we know what it is/where it’s going.
    • Please DO NOT wrap items from the CCL or STAFF lists as these will be organized into gift bundles to be given. Please also take note of special directions on certain items in the CCL and STAFF lists. These notes are written in the comments of the items.
  • Place items in a protective plastic bag labeled GIVING TREE
  • Drop off the item(s) at one of the two drop-off locations by the drop off deadlines:
    • The Black Lyme School PTO Box located next to the cafeteria entrance
    • The top of the steps at the side entrance of The Lyme Library

***Please note, items from the Sign-Up Genius and the Amazon Wish lists DO NOT overlap, so an item listed on the Sign-Up Genius is NOT listed on any of the Amazon Wish lists and vice versa.

IMPORTANT DEADLINES for dropping off/sending gifts:

FAMILIESMonday, December 21st, 3 pm (hard deadline)

CCL + LIBRARYMonday, January 4th, 3 pm

STAFFFriday, January 15th, 3 pm

Lyme School PTO Address to send gifts to (in case you need it)

P.O. BOX 60
LYME, NH 03768-3221

All items will then be collected, organized, and distributed!

If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to send me an email.

Thank you for participating in this new Lyme tradition!

Now let’s spread some good cheer!

Happy Holidays!