Portuguese Easter Bread (Folar de Pascoa)

From Justapinch.com’s Maggie May Schill

Growing up in an area with a large Portuguese population, the Easter season always meant bakeries offered Folar Da Pascoa (Portuguese Easter sweet bread).  It was always exciting to see the different variations bakeries offered – some even colored their eggs to add to the festive appearance. As a nostalgic recipe for me, I wanted to share in hopes you will consider enjoying it with friends and family this week.

To enjoy Maggie May Schill’s Folar Da Pascoa (Portuguese Easter sweet bread) recipe from justapinch.com and to see what the sweet bread looks like, please click here. The bread itself has a unique look and memorable flavor. Aproveitar! (Enjoy!)

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Shelby Wood
Manager of Program Development
CommunityCare of Lyme