Sautéed spinach and tofu

Submitted by Shelby Wood

Join me in tonight’s culinary adventure! For some reason I’ve been having a hankering for this combination so dine with me tonight by giving it a try too!


1 bag of spinach
1 block of extra firm tofu (drained/ dried)
2 TBSP olive oil
1 TSP lemon juice
Garlic salt to taste
Pepper to taste (black & / or red pepper flakes are very tasty!)


1. Open extra firm tofu, pat dry with a paper towel removing as much moisture as possible. Wrap in a clean towel or paper towel and ‘press’ (you can place the tofu block under a heavy plate or pot) for a half hour to remove any excess water.

2. Cut your tofu into small blocks. In a separate bowl toss with garlic salt, and pepper both to taste.

3. Add olive oil and lemon juice to a pan and add tofu.

4. Add spinach and sauté spinach down until it reduces in size.

5. Add any additional salt, pepper and red flakes to taste.

6. Enjoy!

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Shelby Wood
Manager of Program Development
CommunityCare of Lyme