Stuffing Breakfast Sandwich: A tasty holiday hack for your leftovers!

Submitted by Rebecca Beisswenger-Maxfield , Owner and Founder
OneLove Lifestyle Consulting and Loved

A holiday hack to make your left-overs exciting! Rebecca says this is “easy to make” and of course, “Very good!”
Why not try this holiday hack, the next time you enjoy a turkey from Bailey’s Farm?


  • Leftover stuffing from your holiday meal
  • Egg
  • Flax seed (optional)


  • Take your leftover stuffing, and add an egg (or what you perceive to be a good amount of egg to stuffing ratio)
  • OPTIONAL: if you choose to use flax seed to help bind the mixture, you can add it now.
  • Measure approximately 1/2 cup and place on a waffle maker – keep it on until it is nice & crispy!
  • Use the stuffing waffle to make a breakfast sandwich and include your favorite type of egg -( poached is recommended). Add any breakfast sandwich toppings you enjoy.
  • Voila – a tasty way to enjoy leftovers!
Rebecca Beisswenger-Maxfield
Rebecca Beisswenger-MaxfieldOwner and Founder of OneLove Lifestyle Consulting and “Loved”
OneLove LIfestyle is a professional organizing and sustainability consulting company. We specialize in organizing your home, office and promoting overall wellness. We are committed to helping you find balance in being sustainable, and teaching to have less in your home with reusable products that are good for you and the environment. Working with you and your budget we can assist in finding more space in your current home, or if you are looking to buy and are just a little unsure if it will work we can consult with you and show you how that home can offer you all the space you need.
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