National Humor Month
“Laughter is the best medicine”

We invite you to share in lightness as our community comes out of winter’s darkness.

We’ve included highlights on this page, and we’ll update it throughout the month.

Please share resources, jokes, images, or your own humorous stories to be added. Send links or files to or call 603-795-0603 to offer ideas, corny dad jokes or just to talk.


“Which bear is the most condescending?” The Pan-DUH
Enjoy this one? Visit Parade’s article from Kelsey Pelzer (Mar, 12, 2023) for a list of 150 ‘dad’ jokes.

“Did you hear about the rancher who had 97 cows?” When he rounded them up, he had 100!
Thank you Good House Keeping for the beauties in this article by Marisa Lascala (Jan, 6, 2023)

“What did the left eye say to the right eye?”Between you and me, something smells.
Check out 200+ more  Funny Jokes for Kids — Kids Jokes (

I wrote a song about a tortilla…actually it’s more of a wrap.
Cheers to Readers Digest for this great list from Caroline Fanning.

CommunityCare of Lyme jokes archive. We love a good laugh, and have been celebrating National Humor Month these past few years. We’ll share some corny jokes from archival posts each week. Here’s the first batch.  Here’s week 2.   And for week 3 a printable 30-day supply. Here’s batch 4! Enjoy!


Saturday, April 1 at 7pm – Improv in South Pomfret, VT
Celebrate April Fools Day with some improv!  Valley Improv will be joined by Big Boy Sweater Club for an hour plus of improvisation at Artistree’s Grange Theater. Tickets $10More information

Thursday, April 20 at 6-9:30pm – Comedy Show Fundraiser in Windsor, VT
Join headliner and celebrated comedian, Kelly MacFarland featuring Dan Crohn for a night of adult comedy. This event is 18+. Tickets $20More information

Saturday, April 22 at 6-9pm Dinner & Comedy Show with Rusty Dewees in Hartford Village
Rusty Dewees Performs his one man show “The Logger”.  Tickets $35More information



True Love. Photo of Zadie & Scooby Doo – Shelby’s wiley mutts


A bit of comedy is good for the soul. Enjoy these community recommendations! Submit yours to  I’ll start 😊!


“The Menu is a horror comedy about a prestigious restaurant, and a chef who has a cult-like following. With a great cast, this dark comedy is a fun, new take on the horrors of a bad date.” (Shelby)


“A new show I’ve been watching, Animal Control, has been a ridiculous and light hearted (albeit mindless) show. It may not be an award winner, but humor and animals? I’m here for it!” (Shelby)


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, by Mindy Kaling, Dartmouth Grad, was a fun and lighthearted read. She explores challenging topics and difficult experiences with humor. Worth a read.” (Shelby)