May is: Older Americans Month

CommunityCare of Lyme is celebrating Older American Month’s theme of “Communities of Strength” by sharing an uplifting story each week

In a Blog post from Changing the Narrative, Janine Vanderburg states:

“Older adults have built resilience and strength over their lives through successes, failures, joys, and difficulties. Their stories and contributions help to support and inspire others.”

(Vanderburg, 2021)

For anyone who runs, or has tried out an endurance race the running community is a huge factor in supporting you through the finish line. You’re out there fighting against the weather, the course, self-doubt and your body itself. That said, the people who successfully complete ultras (marathon distances +) tend to be supportive of one another, and encourage making it to the finish line. It truly is a community. From the race organizers, the runner’s crew, and fellow runners people come together to support the end goal of safely crossing the finish line. In celebrating our first week of Older Americans Month, we highlight two different ultra runners who are true inspirations to all runners.

Meet Nick Bassett who completed the grueling Western States 100 Mile Race at the age of 73 back in 2018 becoming the oldest finisher of this endurance race. Read more and see videos by visiting the posting on Runner’s World. (Lorge Butler, 2018) How about the local race at Mt. Washington? Runners race up the Mountain: 7.3 miles and 4,650 feet of elevation gained. In 2018 Mt. Washington met it’s match in 98 year old George Etzweiler who completed this trek in just over 4 hours. Visit this article and see video footage here.  (Vanderburg, 2021) These are the sort of races that test everyone, including professional athletes. Yet, some of the most inspiring stories are in celebration of the Older Americans we are highlighting this week. In honor of Nick Bassett and George Etzweiler; keep putting one foot in front of the other!

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