May is: Older Americans Month

CommunityCare of Lyme is celebrating Older American Month’s theme of “Communities of Strength” by sharing an uplifting story each week

In a Blog post from Changing the Narrative, Janine Vanderburg states:

“Older adults have built resilience and strength over their lives through successes, failures, joys, and difficulties. Their stories and contributions help to support and inspire others.”

(Vanderburg, 2021)

This week we celebrate Older Americans living life in the fast lane! The standout quote from the videos we are sharing is, “Maybe I’m a rebel?” (Whistle, 2017). The Older Americans we are spotlighting this month push their limits to the extreme with Ironman competitions and skateboarding. One trend reflected in these videos is that it’s never too late to follow a passion, and hone a new skill.

People highlighted this week include Neal “The Dude” Unger who started surfing and skateboarding as a child, and has not stopped! He has become an inspiration for many, both in and out of his native California.  We are sharing an interview with him, along side a music video he stars in “The Young and Unafraid” by the Moth and the Flame, which has over 4,500,000 views!

We also have a video of Madonna Buder, aka the Iron Nun, an ironman competitor at the age of 87.

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Shelby Wood
Manager of Program Development
CommunityCare of Lyme