Self- Love

Our Hour – January 2023 in review

January is Self-Love Month. In recognition of the central role self-love plays in our connection to self, others and the world around us it was the general theme for this month’s conversation. We discussed connections to family, to animals, to community and how we manage when those things change. Our conversation broached the idea that one way to engage in self-love is through service to others, and the expression of gratitude.  The conversation referenced the recent Introduction to Self-Compassion talk shared by Lily Bickford, and the importance of recognizing when we’re engaging in self-criticism. Together we reviewed the Brain and Behavior website’s explanation of what self-love is and realized that through the natural course of our conversation we covered many of the topics presented by  Jeffrey Borenstein, MD in his post Self-Love and What It Means (Feb. 12, 2020).

Today’s Our Hour was a wonderful and warm gathering. Next month, on the second Tuesday, we gather to engage in warm conversation with friends new and old on the topic of safety as an expression of love. Something to ponder: practicing safety in our bodies and environment is a way to show love to ourselves and those who love us. More information to come.

Jeffrey Borenstein,  Jeffrey Borenstein. “Self-Love and What It Means.” Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, 9 July 2020,