Long Trail: Everything Hikers Need to Know

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According to the article by Kristin Smith, “Long Trail: Everything Hikers Need to Know.” late summer / early fall can be one of the best times of the year to enjoy the Long Trail. Smith notes the weather is often a bit cooler and more comfortable, and that the bugs a bit earlier in the season have mostly died off. Long Trail Day is hosted on Saturday, September 10th. (To learn more about the Long Trail or Long Trail Day, click here.)As we are right in this turning point for the Upper Valley area, it seems timely to share some of Kristin Smith’s thoughts.  Considered the little sibling of the Appalachia Trial, the Long Trail is a multi-day thru hike offering a challenge to hikers from the Massachusetts border up through Vermont to the Canadian border.

Smith (2022) even offers advice on how to plan and budget for this trek. From daily mile averages to funds, even how / what to pack to successfully complete this thru hike this article is a great resource for you, if you’ve considered this adventure! To read the article by Kristin Smith for “Outside” please click here.

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