Painting with Pastels:
A Celebration of Attendee Artwork

Classes led by Beth McGee 

CommunityCare of Lyme partnered with local artist and teacher, Beth McGee, for a wonderful series, Painting with PastelsOpen to all ages and all level of experience, it was an amazing opportunity to socialize, play with pastels, and produce some beautiful artwork. You can see some of these pieces below.

A huge thank you to all our attendees, to those who donated to help support this program, and to those who sent in their final works for us to enjoy here.

Of course, thank you to Beth McGee for leading, for encouraging and for creating an opportunity to try new things!

Would you like to see more programs like Painting with Pastels? Would you like to offer a class or program to involve others in something you like to do? We love to help organize opportunities to gather safely and do something meaningful. If you have ideas or specific suggestions, let’s make it happen!

Shelby Wood
Manager of Program Development
CommunityCare of Lyme