Partner Yoga:
What it is and Why you should try it

Submitted by Kathryn Mills, Yoga instructor

Experience Joy!

Partner yoga is like a traditional yoga class. The difference is you practice each pose with your partner to lead and adjust you. Each partner takes a turn at leading and following. Poses are practiced back-to-back, side-by-side or front-to-front. I will provide ample cues to assure proper body alignment and breath work.

  •    Experience a new way to connect, trust, and communicate with another person in a safe and guided environment.
  •    Find new ways to support your partner, while building strength, balance and vulnerability.
  •    All types of partners are welcome: a friend, lover, spouse, sibling or date. No need to match your partner’s ability, size or strength.
  •     No partner, no problem- I can pair you up with someone!
  •    Partner Yoga helps people to readily adapt to new or difficult situations. Expect playfulness, to laugh and have fun!

Kathryn Mills looks forward to guiding you through Partner Yoga on the last Wednesday evening of every month at 6:00PM

Jill Cray’s – Remedy Yoga, Therapeutics
4 Britton Lane
Lyme, NH 03768

Pre-registration advised. Email Jill: or Kathryn:

Kathryn Mills

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