Planning Our Best Future

Submitted by the CCL Aging in Our Community Team
Edited to include notes from the March 21st gathering

Whether we think we have an “estate” or not, there are important questions to answer as we plan our lives. Renee Harvey of Caldwell Law joined us to provide an overview of considerations for everyone as we think about our futures and the legacy (in whatever form that takes) we will leave behind. Here are questions Renee asked us to consider.

  • Do I understand my estate plan?
  • Does it meet my goals and my goals for my beneficiaries?
  • Are all my assets titled in a manner consistent with my plan?
  • Do my “helpers” know my wishes and understand their roles?

She answered questions about our unique situations, and we all learned something helpful in our own lives.

Click here to review Renee’s slides.
Click here for a black & white version in handout form.

Putting it all together. With guidance from Renee and the experience of peers at the gathering, we considered the questions and how we can useresources we have available to us to answer ones we still have to work on. Throughout, Renee emphasized that the focus is on our priorities …

What’s important to YOU?

and that we can’t be sure when we won’t have the ability to make decisions for ourselves …

YOU are in control NOW! 

It may not always feel that way, and it’s important for all of us – and for our loved ones who are in the planning conversation with us – to understand this.

There are lots of pieces to the changing puzzle of our lives. 

During the month of April, we will be promoting opportunities to plan our best futures, with a focus on important conversations and advance planning for long term and end-of-life care.

Call us any time with questions, suggestions, or ideas about future topics for conversations over lunch or evening Zoom gatherings.

The original post included the following invitation:

Please join us for Conversation over Lunch with Renee Harvey of Caldwell Law
March 21st at noon in the CCL Living Room Join us! If you need a ride, just ask.
Call 603-795-0603 or email

Our gathering will be a safe space for open conversation.
Come with questions or concerns. Come and share your best tips, positive experiences, and resources that have worked for you. There will be time for free conversation on any topic that interests you.

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