Sound off Against COVID-19!

A Guest Blog Contributed by Bill Murphy

I’ve gone into my yard at 7:00 pm each Tuesday evening since March 31st and made the loudest sound I can against COVID-19. (I”m told that I make a rather loud scream/howl/call/yell). Don’t ask me for a good reason as to why I’m doing this, but the answers that will have to do are:

(1) to let off some frustration of being cooped up most of the day

(2) to show that I’m angry at COVID-19 and this is one way of thinking that I’m fighting back and not taking what comes

(3) to do something with my neighbors and work on community building

(4) to have some fun and act a little silly

I’ve invited others in Lyme to join in, and so far we have had drums, horns, cymbals, cow bells, pots and pans, tuba, didgeridoo, fire siren, hunting horns conch shell, I’m told that we’ve expanded into Orford where people are sounding off as well. I’ll have to admit that I’ve scaled back a little on my “howling”. I still howl, but I’ve added some sleigh bells to supplement the human voice. Since I’m isolated on my hillside, I’m curious to hear what sounds have been made and what sounds have been heard.

For people who choose not to make a loud sound, our seven o’clock hour is a good regular time for giving thanks to health care workers and first responders who risk their own health and that of their families to treat the sick locally and around the world. And of course it is a time to offer prayers for the sick, their families, and all of us being touched by this pandemic.

Participants are reminded that whatever they do to maintain proper distancing and follow the guidelines for safety and health.