Tick Prevention and Identification

Helpful Resources from UNH Extension

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For most of us, ticks are the things of nightmares, and that makes this season both a blessing and a curse. The warmer weather and longer days are welcome … the reemergence of ticks can be a horror

Fortunately, the UNH Extension is a great, free resource in the fight against ticks! Please use the links below to explore UNH Extension resources to help keep you, your family, and your pets safe:


“UNH Extension – Online Tick Training.” UNH Extension, 28 June 2022, https://extension.unh.edu/resource/unh-extension-online-tick-training.

Eaton, Alan. “How to Protect Yourself from Ticks [Video].” UNH Extension, 18 Jan. 2018, https://extension.unh.edu/blog/2018/01/how-protect-yourself-ticks-video.

Eaton, Alan. “Tick Checks, the Best Way to Prevent Lyme Disease.” UNH Extension, 8 May 2017, https://extension.unh.edu/blog/2017/05/tick-checks-best-way-prevent-lyme-disease.

“Tick Identification and Testing for Tick-Borne Illnesses in New Hampshire.” UNH Extension, 9 May 2022, https://extension.unh.edu/resource/tick-identification-testing-tick-borne-illnesses-new-hampshire.

To learn more about the UNH Extension, please visit their website.

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