Caring for your “Outside”

by Ghislaine DeMatteo,
owner, DeLeon Day Spa and Wellness Center 

I was honored to be asked by Shelby Wood to participate in Lyme’s new Wellness Wednesday program for CCL, from my perspective as the owner of DeLeon Day Spa & Wellness Center, in Lyme.

Our main purpose I suppose on this earth as humans is to help others. To alleviate suffering whenever we can. This includes ourselves. Replenishing our own pools of strength by being gracious and kind to ourselves through self care is a start. Self care = self love.

We often forget about the “outside” part of us. The skin is the body’s largest processing organ.  It covers the entire body. What we put on ourselves daily, often many times through the day, is of utmost importance. The ingredients used in most generic beauty, body, nail, and hair products are not beneficial for our well being. The beauty industry unfortunately has always been one of the lesser regulated industries by the FDA. Fortunately now, because of increased demand on organics and sustainably ethically sourced products, we’re seeing a shift towards a more holistic & conscious approach to beauty and health.

Botanicals are far better than synthetics for your deodorant, lotion, sanitizer, face wash, nail polish … you get the picture. I don’t want aluminum in my deodorant, or endocrine disrupting formaldehyde nail polish on my children’s nails.

Self care goes a long way. And further than we give it credit for. More than a superficial pick me up. Self care is preventative. Self care extends beyond ourselves. If we don’t tend to ourselves, then we limit our own capability to care for others more. We won’t have the well to draw from deeply to give what’s needed. To our family, our work, our children.

Aren’t we worth a therapeutic massage? How much better might we feel after tending to our calloused & weary feet? Have you tried an acupressure foot massage? When our faces are covered with masks all day, how soothing and nourishing to have a lymphatic drainage facial, deep exfoliation, steam & hot towels! There are so many fantastic pressure points in the face & ears, and we can hold so much tension in our jaw and forehead.

You may be able get started with some self care at home – tonight! You may also benefit from adding products that are healthy for you. Perhaps you can attend to your own self care or that of someone you know with professional spa treatment.

I would love to help you explore what a focus on self care might mean to you. You may contact me any time, and you can learn more about different services and treatments on our website.

Ghislaine DeMatteo
Ghislaine DeMatteoOwner, DeLeon Day Spa and Wellness Center
DeLeon Day Spa and Wellness Center offers a clean, private, zen setting designed for your wellness and self care services. We strive for clean & green ingredient focused products, so as to encourage and appreciate the importance of wellness. For the whole body.

If you have a wellness themed topic you would like to share or learn more about, and/or blog/vlog about as an expert in a health/wellness related field, please contact to Shelby Wood, CommunityCare of Lyme Manager of Program Development. You may reach Shelby at: or (802) 468-7776.