What If 

Submitted, written and performed by Jennifer Voelker 

This week CommunityCare of Lyme is so grateful to be able to share a follow up to local songwriter, Jennifer Voekler’s first post Why I write Songswhich highlights Jenny’s experience with writing and performing music starting in November 2020.

In her first post, Jenny shared how writing was helpful to her. Jenny was gracious enough to give permission to share her music, and as part of Wellness Wednesday we think her songs may be helpful to others too.

Please listen and enjoy Jenny’s new song “What If” – lyrics are available below as well.

To listen to Jenny’s song, press the  button above.

What If

by Jenny Voelker

Capo 3

(D) What if I try to sing (G) and I like the sound (D)
What if I’m healthy (G), complete, and whole (A) right now (D)
(D) What if the best (G) is yet to come (A) and everyday (D) is better and better
(Em) What if right here and now (A) I’m blessed, blessed (G), beyond (A) all measure (D)

(G) Stranger things have happened (A)
So don’t (D) be surprised
If everything (G) turns out (A) fine (D)

(D) What if I could grieve (G) without dying from sadness (D)
What if I (G) can handle (A) stress without going bananas (D)
(D) What if all (G) life’s unknowns (A) turn out well (D) in the end
What if setbacks (Em) today (A) result in wonderful (G), wonderful (A) wins (D)


(D) What if I’m calm and comfortable (G) even when it’s rough (D)
What if everything’s (G) alright (A) and I’m happy and loved (D)
(D) What if God (G) is so near (A) and beholding me (D)
(Em) What if pieces of my life (A) turn out beautifully (G), beautifully (A, D)

Jennifer Voelker
Jennifer Voelker Community Member, Writer, Performer

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