A Model for Community Health

Whether you’re growing up, growing old, or something in-between, Lyme, New Hampshire is a great place to live. Neighbors know each other. They care about each other. They help each other.

Extraordinary neighborly compassion is part of the communal Lyme DNA. For years, the Health Ministry of the Lyme Congregational Church and its Parish Nurse, Those Guys, the FAST Squad, the Converse Free Library, the Utility Club of Lyme, the First Baptist Church of Lyme and other volunteer teams have been helping Lyme residents stay warm, well-fed, connected, safe and healthy.

CommunityCare of Lyme is built on that foundation. We’re leveraging that collective warmth and generosity to build and sustain a healthy community by:

  • Helping residents secure the assistance they need to recover at home, address family challenges, or age in place.
  • Matching volunteers with opportunities that benefit from their time and talents and connect them to the community
  • Partnering with local service and health care providers to deliver the broadest range of services possible.
  • Reaching out for community feedback and applying findings to program development, partner relationships, and operational improvements.
  • Participating in regional discussions and programs designed to improve community health and well-being.

Our Guiding Principles

Inclusivity, Equity, and Belonging
Engage and serve all in the community, regardless of age or ability to pay

Financial Sustainability
Maintain a lean staff to strengthen volunteerism and build partnerships to share resources 

Impact Beyond Lyme
Share our learning and abundance to help improve wellbeing across the Upper Valley and beyond

Our Mission

To build on Lyme’s heritage as a warm, welcoming and service-oriented community, by building partnerships, embracing new ideas, and designing systems that improve our individual and collective sense of wellbeing, as we help transform health and healthcare in our town and beyond.

Memberships and Affiliations