Your Financial Support Makes a Difference!

There are several ways to make a tax-deductible donation to CCL

2. Mail a check to:

CommunityCare of Lyme
P.O. Box 127
Lyme, NH 03768

3. For planned gifts, stock transfers, or other preferred ways to share your support:

Please call us at 603-795-0603 or email

Your donation goes right to work toward a warmer and healthier community. 

Thank You, Friends!

Special Funds

The CCL Jenks Fund was established in memory of Jim Jenks and Ethan Jenks, and in honor of Patty Jenks. The fund provides small amounts of financial support to address urgent needs of individuals and families, inspired by the kind and generous spirits of Jim and Ethan. A particular focus is on mental health and lifting spirits. The Lyme Food Pantry, supported through the Jenks Fund, is one of many ways CommunityCare of Lyme shares food as love.

Click here to give to the Jenks Fund online or choose one of the other payment methods. Add a note that your gift is for the Jenks Fund.

Direct, immediate help to lift displaced individuals and families into a position where they can help each other, their families and their communities. We currently support one small family and three men who were forced to flee Afghanistan. Click here to learn more.

The Welcome Fund supports the Upper Valley Neighborhood Support Team (NST), a collaboration of organizations and individuals across the Upper Valley in co-sponsorship with Concord-based Ascentria Care Alliance, to welcome refugees. CommunityCare of Lyme is a proud partner in this effort.

Click here to give to the Welcome Fund online. If you choose one of our other payment methods, please note that your gift is for the Welcome Fund.