A reminder from Patty Jenks

Chief Community Advocate, CommunityCare of Lyme

Easing Minds

In 2019, CommunityCare of Lyme established the CCL Jenks Fund in memory of Jim Jenks and Ethan Jenks. It has been sustained by generous and loving donations in their memories.

James Lee Jenks (1952-2019)

Ethan Sherman Thomas Jenks (1992-2019)

The fund, inspired by the kind and generous spirits of Jim and Ethan, enables us to provide small amounts of financial support to address urgent needs of individuals and families, with a particular focus on mental health.

Please reach out when you need a little help.

Lifting Spirits

In the early days of the pandemic, I was pleased to have the resources to encourage us all to consider creative ways to distract us from the tedium and uneasiness of it all. While the darkest days of Covid’s influence are past us, we still need to find joy. We need a sense of community and belonging … and sometimes we need help.

The CCL Jenks Fund is available for the express purpose of helping out. We think it’s important for us all to think about “help” a little differently.

If you’ve toyed with the idea of learning a new craft or reading a new book, or hiking a good hike, but worries about personal resources prevent the expense, Ethan & Jim Jenks are here to help. If a new activity or project will help your stress level and you need a boost to get started, these guys are all about helping. It’s what they always did, and it’s what they continue to do. Please don’t wait for a crisis … averting one is the best strategy

What might help you have some relaxing, distracting, enjoyable time? What special gift might be just the right diversion for someone you care about?

Contact us with your ideas or requests.

603-795-0603 or help@cclyme.org

Donations may be made online or directly to the CCL Jenks Fund by cash or check mailed to PO Box 127, Lyme, NH 03768 or delivered to the CCL offices in the Lyme Center Academy Building.