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Stories and Photos of Our Lives Together

This page brings it all together: stories, photos, events, and other news of note. It’s a community  “blog”, designed to evolve and expand to be interesting and helpful. Click here to share your feedback, news, photos, creative writing, art, or something else you’d like to see included!

Mental and Behavioral Health Resources

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Mental and Behavioral Health Help Centers* Please call 911 in case of emergency. A selection of help and crisis lines. NEW! 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline – call or text 988 for 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. (Chat option is also available at NH Rapid Response Access Point – Call/Text 1-833-710-6477 – If you or someone you care about is experiencing a mental health and/or substance use crisis, you can call and speak to trained and caring clinical staff. You’ll be served by compassionate providers from mental health centers in your community who can help you access vital resources in an emergency. Substance Use Disorder: Headrest  800-639-6095 (teen specific hotline) For general questions or intake 603-448-4872 Intimate partner violence: WISE  Call the crisis line 866-348-9473, chat online, or text 603-836-9472. You do not have to be in crisis to reach out to us. Elder abuse: It is mandatory to report suspected elder exploitation or abuse. Call 800-949-0470. / To report abuse or neglect for Nursing or Assisted Living Facilities 800-442-5640 Child abuse or neglect: NH Department of Health and Human Services 800-894-5533 LGBTQ Issues: The Trevor Project TrevorLifeline Call 866-488-7386 / Text "START" to 678-678 / visit their website to chat online NH Rapid Response Access Point Call/Text 1-833-710-6477 Veteran's Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 and Press [...]

Community Health Needs Assessment – Wellness Wednesday

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Community Health Needs Assessment Shared by Beth O'Donnell, MPH Shared 4/17/24 Every three years, Dartmouth Health members and partners conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) - a 10 minute survey - where we ask community members to tell us about their health needs and priorities. During our last cycle, over 1800 members of the DHMC and APD service region took our survey. Based on the results, we continued investing in substance misuse prevention, housing, and access to healthcare. What does your community need? Please take the survey here: English Survey   Spanish Survey

Lyme’s Resource for Medical Equipment – Wellness Wednesday

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 Lyme's Resource for Medical Equipment: The Lyme Parish Nurse Team A note from the Lyme Parish Nurse, Missy, to the Listserv (4/10/24) Shared 4/10/24 Good Morning 🪺 Lyme  Mother Nature blessed us with plenty of sunshine and warmth the past few days 🌞 ! What is there to do today on this cloudy day with showers 🌂☔ ? Head to the Aging Resource Center's Open House ⬇️   Dartmouth Health's Aging Resource Center is holding an Open House today ! Wednesday, April 10th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm .  The staff at the center is pleased to share with you their new space on Colburn Hill . Stop in to learn about what informative programs they have to offer , both in person and virtually!  Visit their library , meet their staff, and become familiar with a host of topics that interest to you . 444 Mt.  Support Road in Lebanon   How to get there ⤵️ If coming from Hanover , take a right at the second set of 4-way lights toward DHMC . This is Lahaye Drive. If coming from Lebanon, take a left at the 4-way set of lights. Now you'll be on Lahaye Drive. At the next set of lights , turn right onto Mt. Support Road . Shortly after taking this turn , Colburn Hill will be on your right . There are three entrances to Colburn Hill . Turn [...]

Monday’s Menu: National Empanada Day

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National Empanada Day: Let's Celebrate ! Recipe from Roberta Roberta Dall’Alba of (March 9, 2023) Shared 4/8/24 The eclipse isn't the only exciting thing starting with an "E" today! Today is also a day to enjoy Empanadas as a part of National empanada day! A twist on a savory classic, this recipe offers a spicy vegan alternative to an Argentinian classic. See the Healthy Little Cravings recipe from Roberta Dall'Alba (March 9, 2023) here. Dall’Alba, Roberta. “The Best Vegan Empanadas Recipe (Baked or Fried).” Healthy Little Cravings, 9 Mar. 2023, If you have a recipe you would like to share, please reach out to  Shelby Wood Manager of Volunteer Participation CommunityCare of Lyme 802-468-7776

Monday’s Menu: Waffle Day!

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It's Waffle Day! Basil-and-Corn Cornmeal Waffles Recipe from: Laura Kanya (July 20, 2023)   Shared 3/25/24 In celebrating Waffle Day, we're sharing a recipe that's a fun twist on a sweet treat! Laura describes these waffles as, "balancing savory, salty, and sweet flavors all in one dish." With all these tastes coming together you might enjoy these Basil-and-Corn Cornmeal waffles anytime of day! Enjoy Celebrating Waffle Day with Laura Kanya's recipe on Food & Wine  here. Kanya, Laura. “Basil-and-Corn Cornmeal Waffles.” Food & Wine, Food & Wine, 20 July 2023, If you have a recipe you would like to share, please reach out to  Shelby Wood Manager of Volunteer Participation CommunityCare of Lyme 802-468-7776

Music in Community – Wellness Wednesday

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Music in Community by Martha Tecca Shared 3/20/24 Music has been shown to contribute to wellbeing in many ways.  Music can improve mood, decrease pain and anxiety, and facilitate opportunities for emotional expression. Research suggests that music can benefit our physical and mental health in numerous ways. - from "9 Health Benefits of Music", on the NorthShore Endeavor Health's Healthy You Blog. It has always been central to my life and, I'm happy to say, that's carried on through our children's lives. It has been a source of some of my most powerful memories and deepest friendships; and it continues to bring new friends, shared experiences, balance, joy, and moments of peace to often stressful and always overfull weeks. There's nothing like music in community. Whether you're singing or listening or dancing along, the music creates a physical resonance between the participants. A real connection. It's exciting that, since the pandemic, the Upper Valley has come alive with music sharing opportunities and musical performances for all ages and tastes. I hope you'll make a point of getting out and into the music! Here are some highlights in the next few days: Sunday 3/24 3-6pm, CommunityCare of Lyme presents a Cabin Fever Live Music, hosted by Mark Sunderwirth. Come to the fabulous sound space of the Lyme Center Academy Hall and share an afternoon of music, friends, and [...]

Thank you, Patty – Wellness Wednesday

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Thank you, Patty 🩷 by Shelby Wood, on behalf of the CommunityCare of Lyme Team and the Lyme Community🩷 Shared 3/13/24 Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. - Dr. Seuss Dr. Seuss may not have had the privilege to know Patty Jenks, though this quote captures the impact one caring person, like Patty, can have. Lyme has been made a whole awful lot better because of Patty. I like to joke that Patty is magical. If I'm being completely honest, I'm not really joking, she is. For over forty-years, Patty has been Lyme's fairy godmother. The town office has benefited from her sparkly fairy dust, as have Lyme residents who have confided in her as town clerk, neighbor, and friend. I'm sure we all have an experience (or several) to share, where Patty has worked some of her magic, and ... bippity-boopty-boo ... things work out! They say you can create your own luck. Well, Patty creates her own magic, through her strong will, creativity, commitment to seeing the best in people, and extraordinarily hard work. We could all come up with more positive adjectives ... and we all might still underestimate just how much Patty puts into caring for us all. In my own life, she's helped me find stability when it seemed like everything [...]

Monday’s Menu: National “Eat your Noodles” Day

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Easy vegan pho: Let's celebrate National "Eat your Noodles" Day! Recipe from Miriam Nice of (Nov. 8, 2022) Shared 3/11/24 In keeping with the recent theme of celebrating national food days, with a recipe, let's give an easy pho a go! If you'd also like to celebrate the tasty National "Eat your Noodles" Day, give Miriam Nice's "Easy Vegan Pho" recipe a try. BBC Good Food states, "Make our easy vegan noodle soup for a warming midweek meal. This low-calorie recipe can be spiced up according to taste with a side serving of sriracha" (Nice, M. 2022) Whether you like it spicy or mellow this pho is sure to warm you up on this cold and windy day! Try Miriam's recipe at Nice, Miriam. “Easy Vegan Pho.” Recipe | BBC Good Food, BBC Good Food, 8 Nov. 2022, If you have a recipe you would like to share, please reach out to  Shelby Wood Manager of Volunteer Participation CommunityCare of Lyme 802-468-7776

Civic Participation – Wellness Wednesday

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Civic Participation From, plus a link to the CommunityCare of Lyme archives Shared 3/6/24 Civic participation encompasses a wide range of formal and informal activities, such as voting, volunteering, participating in group activities, and community gardening.1 Some are individual activities that benefit society (e.g., voting) or group activities that benefit either the group members (e.g., recreational soccer teams) or society (e.g., volunteer organizations).1 In addition to the direct benefit that civic participation provides to the community, it also produces secondary health benefits for participants.2,3  This summary focuses on the relationship between civic participation, health, and well-being.i One way civic participation improves health is by building social capital, which is defined as “features of social organization such as networks, norms, and social trust that facilitate coordination and cooperation for mutual benefit.”4  ( As we enter the mayhem of mud season, we also enter a month of town meetings. This month is an ideal opportunity to assess your civic participation. As the quote from above suggests there are many ways to participate. Go to town meeting. Engage in discourse. Vote. Offer to give a neighbor a ride so they can attend town meeting. If you are looking for ongoing opportunities for civic participation be sure to stop by the Community Coordinators' tables at Town meeting on Tuesday, March 12th in the Lyme School. Representatives from the different [...]

March 2023 – Civic Engagement Month

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Civic Engagement Month Each week in March we shared ideas about civic engagement. Originally shared throughout March in 2023 We encourage you to let us know what it means to you, and what you think is most important that we get right. Like so many of the things that matter most in life, it’s both simple as an idea and hard to do well. There are also lots of words to describe it – evolving language used by those working hard to promote civic engagement. “Civil responsibility", "community involvement”, “participatory democracy”, “civil society”, “civic muscle” (a newish one), and more. We recognize that it can sometimes feel like jargon. At the core of all of these efforts to find the right words: being involved in the community … listening to one another and working together to create a world that’s built around our shared values, addresses our varying needs, draws on our shared abundance. We lean into civic engagement this month, because it’s Town Meeting time. Please be part of the process by joining as many of the conversations as you can. They are happening at a candidate forum and scheduled town meetings, on the Listserv, and on the street. It’s all important. Find Detailed Lyme Town Meeting Information from the Town of Lyme Website. Events leading up to Town Meeting: Sunday 3/5: Meet the Candidates (Online Forum) 6-8pm on Zoom. Hosted by Converse Free [...]

Beyond Pronouns – Wellness Wednesday

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Beyond Pronouns: A Conversation with Grace Alden CommunityCare of Lyme Mental Health Team Community Conversation Wednesday, October 4th at 6pm on Zoom Updated after the event The CCL Mental Health Team welcomed Grace Alden for a community conversation, Beyond Pronouns. It was an intimate gathering, with a woman who is trans, a retired law enforcement officer, and now an educator, exploring many sides of the public discussion of gender. The conversation was on Wednesday, October 4th at 6pm on Zoom. It was recorded and now available to watch. It was a rich and powerful conversation: How can you support a person in your family or a loved one who is trans or is going through transition? What’s it like to face workplace discrimination? What does “consistent, persistent, and insistent” have to do with whether a child or adolescent may be trans? Are transition hormones harmful? These and other questions are discussed openly between Grace and the community. Click to watch the recording. Please contact the CCL Mental Health Team with questions or suggestions, as we help to continue this important conversations. Email

Handling Holiday Challenges – Wellness Wednesday

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Handling Life's Challenges During the Holidays by the CCL Mental Health Team, featuring a community conversation with Dr. Bill Hudenko The holiday season can be joyous – but also sad, stressful, and overwhelming. Most of us are full of anticipation, and it's a challenge to manage our expectations. Whatever emotions you experience during the holiday season, you're not alone! There are so many different things competing for our attention this time of year: friends, family, work parties, gift-giving, an abundance of food and drink, holiday gatherings, winter snow and ice, world news, etc. That's on top of ongoing, everyday life. Even events that should be uplifting, such as holiday parties, can be stressors. With all these triggers compounding on one another, the holiday season can be a lot. Face the season with a better understanding of the challenges and some ideas about how to cope with stressors and competing priorities. The CCL Mental Health Team shared a community conversation with Dr. Bill Hudenko Wednesday, December 6th Bill is a clinical psychologist, professor, and consultant who routinely given talks on stress and anxiety reduction. He spoke about the science of stress, and also gave some practical tips on how to reduce stress and anxiety during this busy time of year. Sign up below to join the conversation. Bill engaged attendees in conversation about having a healthful holiday season. Some [...]

Healthy Teen Relationships – Wellness Wednesday

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Healthy Teen Relationships Featuring a February 6th community conversation with Kate Rohdenburg of WISE With Valentine's Day around the corner, it's hard not to think about love. From the dinosaur Valentine's cards exchanged in elementary school to flowers delivered at work, Valentine's Day can be a sweet day of celebrating love (both romantic and platonic). It's also a month where we think a lot about relationships. And it's not always easy. As we celebrate a month of love, it's important to be aware that relational patterns start young. Most of us can remember dating – or thinking about dating – as teens. What an exciting and challenging time in our lives! Dating – healthy dating – is important for teens. It's an opportunity to explore and learn about feelings and one's impact on others. It's a change to get away screens and into direct communication with one another. Good relationships can be a source of comfort and confidence. And bad relationships can lead to many levels of discomfort ... and even danger. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month Dating violence is more common than you may think. Concerning statistics from 1 in 3 U.S. teens will experience physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from someone they’re in a relationship with before becoming adults. And nearly half (43%) of U.S. college women report experiencing violent or abusive dating behaviors. [...]

Celebrating Black Artists – Wellness Wednesday

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"Black Imagination: The contribution of black artists to the well-being of people and places" From the WIN Network Community Digest February 22, 2024 Shared: 2/28/24 There are many organizations that support individuals and communities either at a local or national level. Once per month, for Wellness Wednesday, we will share one of these well-respected organizations in order to connect you with more resources that support Health & Wellness.  As we close Black History Month, we are sharing a piece by the The Well Being in the Nation (WIN) Network, a growing strategic network working together to advance intergenerational well-being and equity. The WIN Community February 22, 2024 Digest is titled "Black Imagination: The contribution of black artists to the well-being of people and places". The newsletter celebrates black artists and changemakers shaping history and reinforcing the WIN Network's collective commitment to becoming a #betterancestor. When we express ourselves and share talents with the community we all benefit. This notion of becoming a better ancestor is about working to improve the conditions around us so that everyone can thrive, taking constant steps toward leaving a legacy ensuring our children and children's children have the best lives possible. For community wellbeing today and a better tomorrow for everyone, we lift up the voices of black artists making an impact not just during black history month, but all year long. [...]

Monday’s Menu: National Pistachio Day

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Leek and Potato Galette with Pistachio Crust Recipe from: Shelly Westerhausen of Bon Appétit (March 8, 2016).  Shared 2/26/24 It's National Pistachio Day! To celebrate this delicious day we are sharing a recipe from Bon Appétit "Leek and Potato Galette with Pistachio Crust". When I think of pistachio I tend to think of sweets and baked goods: muffins, cookies, ice cream, etc. This recipe from Shelly Westerhausen (March 8, 2016) is an exciting way to challenge what we might think of when we think of pistachio based recipes. Enjoy this savory take on pistachios! You can try the recipe from Shelly Westerhausen at Bon Appétit here. Westerhausen, Shelly. “Leek and Potato Galette with Pistachio Crust.” Bon Appétit, Bon Appétit, 8 Mar. 2016, If you have a recipe you would like to share, please reach out to  Shelby Wood Manager of Volunteer Participation CommunityCare of Lyme 802-468-7776

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