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CommunityCare of Lyme is powered by a group of volunteers who contribute their talents as Board Directors, leaders and members of committees (such as Welcoming New Neighbors, Mental Health, Aging in Our Community, and Fundraising) and action teams (including the Day of Service, the Lyme Food Pantry, the Health & Wellness Fair, other special events, and neighborhood support), and consultants (financial experts, data analysts, and web designers). A lean staff supports volunteers and other organizations serving the community, by making connections and streamlining how we coordinate and communicate our work together. We occasionally contract for technical expertise and other services.

For more information about joining CCL as a volunteer or staff member, please click “Contact Us” above, call us at 603.795.0603, or reach out to any member of our team.

Core Team

Dan Freihofer

Martha Tecca
Executive Director

Patty Jenks
Chief Community Advocate

Kathy Sherrieb, DPh, MSN
Board of Directors

Jennifer Boylston, PhD,

 Nancy Allison
Board of Directors

Julie Davis, MD
Board of Directors

Marilyn Wanner
Outreach and Administration

Kathy McGowan,

Shelby Wood
Manager of Volunteer Participation

Program Leaders

Kathy Sherrieb, DPh, MSN
Lyme Food Pantry

Dan Freihofer,
Neighborhood Network

Dani Ligett,
Aging in Our Community

Phil Kinsler, PhD, ABPP
Mental Health Team

 Nancy Allison,

Jill Kearney,

Martha Tecca,

Katie Jenks,
Welcoming New Neighbors

Marilyn Wanner,
Welcoming New Neighbors

Kathy McGowan,
Day of Service

Sue Hanlon,
Day of Service

Lynn McRae,
Day of Service

And Many, Many Volunteers!

In the Lyme Light Logo

Highlighted (“In the Lyme Light”) are some EXTRAordinary volunteers!

David Allen
Blake Allison
Nancy Allison
Marianne Alverson
Anne Baird
Jean Ball
Missy Ball
Anne Baird
Judy Barker
Paul Barker
Joan Barthold
Scott Barthold
Pilar Bauta
Lyssa Bayne
Jim Beaulieu
Peter Beaupre
Ben Beisswenger
Lily Bickford
Jody Biddle
Gregory Bogdanich
Lynore Bolton
Emily Boren
Frank Bowles
Mardi Bowles
Jennifer Boylston
Jakob Breitbach
Lin Brown
Matt Brown
Rich Brown
Donelle Bucholtz
Amanda Busher
Margaret Caldwell
Tim Caldwell
John Campbell
Steve Campbell
Brigette Cameron
Julie Camuso
Al Carbonneau
Stephanie Carney
Stephen Castellani
Faith Catlin
Margaret Caudill-Slosberg
Thomas Chapin
Susan Chew
Maylena Chaviano
Ann Christiano
William Connell
Connor’s Climb

Lynn Cook
Tim Cook
Shelly Creager
Sarah Crockett
Tina Cullenberg
Judy Danna
Anne Davis
Heidi Davis
Jay Davis
Julie Davis
Stacie Deiner
KJ Dell’Antonia
Sara Dennis
Emily Dentzer
Niles Donegan
Tami Dowd
Lara Dwyer
Sarah Eck
Scottie Eliassen
Pat Erwin-Ploog
Ann Flood
Dan Freihofer
Will Freihofer
Eric Furstenberg
Karl Furstenberg
Emily Girdwood
Kirsten Glass
Elliot Goodman
Julie Goodrich
Tim Goodrich
Nadia Gorman
Frank Gould
Stephanie Graudons
Dickie Gray
Ann Green
Eric Gruber
Amy Gubbins
The Hanaway Family

Lisa Hayes
Ryder Hayes

Karen Henry
Sue Hewitt
Madeleine Higgs
Lisa Hoffmeister
Steve Hook
Cathie Hopper
Inger Imset
Kevin Isett
Pamela Jenkins
Katie Jenks
Patty Jenks
Margaret Johnston
Nora Katz-Rhoads
Amy Kelly
Jay Kelly
Benjamin Kilham
Debbie Kilham
Paul Killebrew Sr
Paul Killebrew Jr
Daria Killebrew

Joyce Killebrew
Sarah Kokko
Kathy Larson
Lee Larson
Carola Lea
Dani Ligett
Hope Linzer
Lee Lopez
Lyme Country Store
Dan Lynch
Allison Mancuso
Christie Manning
Kathy Martin
Terry Martin
Dayle Mason
Jim Mason
Betsy McCann
Julie McCutcheon
Kathy McGowan
Sue McKenzie
Meg McLean
Lynn McRae
John Mecchella
Lelia Mellen
Kim Meredith
Cybele Merrick
Julie Mesiano
Margaret Minnock
Robin Model-Lornitzo
Nick Moore
John Mudge
Adair Mulligan
Mike Mundy
Theresa Mundy
Abbe Murphy
Susan Musty
Allan Newton
Heidi Nichols
Scott Nichols
Eileen Nickles
Jill Niles
Fran Noel III
Brittany Norris
Jim Nourse
Meg Novello
John Officer
Orford-Fairlee Lions
Leo Palmer
Sherman Phillips
J.J. Pippin
Pat Pippin
Tony Pippin
Peggy Plunkett
Pam Poire
Eliza Polli
Heather Powers
Hebe Quinton
Brian Rich
Jodie Rich
Amy Ricker
Sue Ringer

Eli Robbins
Krista Robbins
Laurel Ross
John Sanders
Karen Sanders
David Santaw
Jen Schiffman
Jose Serrano
Eleanor  Shafer
Lynn Sheldon
Kathy Sherrieb
Mandi Shi
Sarah Shipton
Paphanh Sidhavady
Paula Small
Vicki Smith
Chelsea Snelling
Jeff Snelling
Rachel Stanton
Hank Stokes
Jasper Stokes
Kate Stokes
Oscar Stokes
Mark Sunderwirth
Robin Taylor
Grace Tecca
Mark Tecca
Martha Tecca
Mike Tecca
Those Guys of Lyme
Sally Thursby
Emily Tullar
Andy Tuthill
Jeff Valence
Korry Vargo
Laurie Veillette
Peggy Villar
Doug Vogt
Laurie Wadsworth
Oakland Walters
Marilyn Wanner
Murray Washburn
Bill Waste
Kathy Waste
Mimi Weinstein
Sheila Weng Macdowell
Loren Wehmeyer
Kim Werner
Nicole Westervelt
Celeste Wetherell
Cammie Wheeler
Marilyn Whittet
Helen Whyte
Jan Williams
Kym Williams
Deidre Willies
Rob Wipfler
Shelby Wood
Barbara Woodard
Sallie Yurkosky
Sarah Zahendra

Founding Leaders

CCL founding leaders (Kate Hilton, Tony Pippin, Tara McGovern, Martha Tecca, Kathy Larson, Ellen Thompson, Karen Borgstrom, Barbara Lynch) during a break from an October 2014 community engagement training workshop. Nora Gould, Peggy Little, Jane Palmer, and John Stadler were also part of the founding leadership team.