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There are many ways to help right now. Even from home.
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Note: In the list of ways you might help – on the form linked above and in the message below – you’ll see activities that are not safe right now, without creative approaches and new safety protocols. CommunityCare of Lyme is involving and coordinating volunteers with direction from the Lyme Emergency Management Director and in partnership with the Lyme School, Lyme Parish Nurses, other organizations.

Do you want to meet more Lyme neighbors, help someone out, or work with friends on a community project? Do you want to be inspired and, even, have fun?

We’ll help you find a volunteer opportunity that matches your interests, skills, and schedule.

Let us know how you’d like to help out – driving Lyme residents to appointments or shopping, helping an elderly neighbor with yard work, providing pet care, pitching on a home or town maintenance project, or offering other types of personal or community assistance. We’ll point you to a community member in need or a partner organization that can provide a fulfilling volunteer experience. And we’ll make sure that the time commitment works for you.

Our leadership team is a group of volunteers from the Lyme community.  It includes a board of directors plus ongoing committees (such as Aging in Place), action teams (such as Day of Service and Independence Day), and individual contributors (such as financial experts, data analysts, and web designers).

The spring Day of Service is a wonderful way to begin the month of May and give back to a community that gave so much to me when I was growing up. I really enjoy the opportunity to bring residents of all ages together in the name of service, and to meet new people as well as re-connect with people that knew me when I was young.

Erin Wetherell, Day of Service Organizing Team