September 24 9am-1pm On the Lyme Common

Lots more coming soon about this year’s event!

Read about the 2021 Lyme Health & Wellness Fair below. We’re deep in planning another special, safe, uplifting event in September!

Contact us to join in
Shelby Wood (, 603-795-0603)

The 2021 Fair Was a Beautiful and Joyful Event!

We all shared and learned about food as love ❤️, life planning, parish and community nursing, emergency preparedness, mental health support and resources, Reiki and yoga practices, healthy farms, eco-friendly bath and body treats, end-of-life services, library resources and information, volunteer opportunities, safe gathering, and more!

Many participated in classes (a wide range of yoga and healthy movement for all ages and intensity levels), preparedness education, peer support, drawing, warm conversation, and other healthy activities.

Neighbors were Vaccinated against Covid-19 (age 12+).

Food was enjoyed, funds were raised, treasures found new homes. Thai food, baked goods, healthy products, and special finds were shared at the Fair and around the Common.

Check back for photos and more updates from the special day!


Supporting Health & Well-being in So Many Different Ways!

ALL Together – at the Public Health Network Covid Vaccine tent
Alzheimer’s Association of NH & VT
American Red Cross
Cache the Wave, LLC
Caldwell Law
Cedar Circle Farm and Education Center
CommunityCare of Lyme
ConnectShareCare – Dartmouth College and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center
Converse Free Library
DeLeon Day Spa Wellness Center, with Remedy Yoga and Pressing Matters
Farmer’s Body
Grafton County Senior Citizens Council, with RSVP and Service Link
Hogwash Farm
Integrity Yoga
Jennifer Sielicki – Alexander Technique
Johnson Audiology
Kim DeLong & Scott Dezotelle
Lyme Emergency Operations Center
Lyme FAST Squad
Lyme Food Pantry
Lyme Heritage Commission
Lyme Parish Nurses
PALS for Life, a Breast Cancer Survivorship Program
Pinnacle Project/Loch Lyme Lodge
OneLove Lifestyle Consulting
Recycling Cigarette Butts with Lynore
River Valley Club
Tracy Penfield – Tracing: Healing and Managing Trauma
Free Covid Vaccinations – Upper Valley Regional Public Health Network in partnership with DHMC
Upper Valley Aquatic Center (UVAC)
VegiCare and SouperCare

Scheduled Activities

Chances to try something new, or help show how it’s done.

9:00am  RSVP Bone Builders Try It Session
Senior strength and balance training. Can help prevent and reverse osteoporosis.

9:30am  Chair Yoga with Hanover Yoga
Gentle moves for flexibility and strength. Great if balance is a challenge.

10:00am  Yoga Flow with Remedy Yoga
Yoga for flexibility, fluidity and strength.

10:30am  Mindful Movement with Tracy Penfield
Experience aspects of her Tracing therapeutic method of expressive practice, drawing on the example of our collective trauma through the pandemic. 

11:00am  UVAC Speed School Demo
Learn to hone acceleration skills, ability to quickly move in multiple directions, and increase strength.

11:00am  Lymphatic Stretching with PALS for Life (15 mins)
15 minutes. Safe and effective research based exercise program that offers camaraderie through small group training with a focus of putting activity back into one’s daily life.

11:30am  Buti Yoga Session with Cache the Wave
Incorporating traditional asanas with core-spiraling techniques and body-shaking movements. Heather will break down each component and bring it all together for a mini class.

12noon  Guided Meditation, Group Reiki with Cache the Wave
Heather Smith will lead a guided meditation to balance chakras. This will allow the body to receive no-touch energy to cleanse participants’ auras.

12:30pm  HIIT Bootcamp Class with RVC
Combines classic fitness moves in a total body conditioning workout through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). We will primarily use interval training designed to challenge and surprise you with how far you can push yourself. All levels. No prior workout experience necessary. Bodyweight only. Bring a yoga mat if you’d like.


Earn tickets as you explore the resources and activities

Please learn about the generous contributors,all of whom support our health & well-being!

Alicia Willette DDS – electric tooth brush and oral health package
Farmway – $50 gift certificate (2)
Grafton County Senior Citizens Council – 2 5-lb hand weights
Hanover Food Co-op – $25 gift certificate
Hanover Yoga – free class
Holistic Nutrition Coach – consultation
Integrity Yoga – manual and movement therapy, 2-hour session
Kim Meredith – hand-made jewelry
Kingland Farms – gift basket
Hogwash Farm – sausage sampler
Peyton Place Restaurant – $50 gift certificate
Remedy Yoga at DeLeon Day Spa Wellness Center – private yoga session
River Valley Club – 3-month pass
White River Family Eye Care – $200 gift card

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 Here are some photos from the first Lyme Health & Wellness Fair on September 28, 2019.