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Rebecca Beisswenger-Maxfield

Loved has relocated to 15 Lebanon st. Hanover NH, or to locals known as the ol’ Rosey Jekes building!
Loved is a high end retail and consignment shop that also hosts local artisan works by Peter Duveneck our local potter, Curt Albee our wood worker who does our heirloom cutting boards, Michael Whitman and Doug Henry who’s painting of Dartmouth you might know along with his other whimsical paintings that are one of a kind!
Lots of new items in stock. Just in is a vintage 1960s Danish teak full dining set, the table extends and can set up to 10 comfortably. Also comes with 4 chairs! It’s in amazing condition. A must see.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our new location.

15 Lebanon St
Hanover NH, 03755
Our hours are
Tuesday-Thursday 10-5
Friday-Saturday 10-6
Available by appointment

15 Lebanon St
Hanover NH, 03755
ZIP Code

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