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Lyme Historians
Bill Murphy
The Lyme Historians seek to educate about, foster curiosity in, and build community around, the long and rich history of our town. The Historians’ board publishes a newsletter (Lyme Historian) every quarter that focuses on points in Lyme history. It is an exciting taste of what can happen when you dig into the story of this town, its families, and its place in New England.

The historians are a resource for people seeking to understand the history of their house, their road, a cherished cellar hole they pass. In addition, the historians respond to questions about genealogy and family history. Many old families from town donate household goods that share their local history.

Museum/Office: Churchill-Melvin house, 15 Mains Street, Lyme, NH
P.O. Box 41, Lyme, NH
ZIP Code

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