🌞 The sun came out, and so did neighbors! 🌞

A Perfect Day for Lyme’s Day of Service!

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, over 110 people participated in Green Up Day and more than 70 people volunteered during Lyme’s Day of Service – an annual event since 2015.   

We started the day with with over 120 people enjoying a free, full buffet breakfast at the Lyme School, sponsored by the CCL Jenks Fund and hosted (cooked, served, cleaned up) by volunteers. Many individuals, organizations, and businesses came together to offer the feast. Special thanks to:

  • Tami Dowd and Dowds’ Inn for creating a tasty menu, helping with service, and allowing us to borrow linens, plates and silverware.
  • The Lyme Country Store for donating coffee.
  • The Lyme School for allowing us to use the beautiful kitchen and cafeteria.
  • Our chefs for the day: Darryl from Dowds’ Inn and Jeff Valence, with the help of a few volunteers a few sous chefs.
  • The Nichols, Kilham, and Goodrich families for contributing their maple syrup.
  • Lyme School students, faculty, and staff for assisting with setting up on Friday so our breakfast could be a success on Saturday.
  • Over 40 breakfast volunteers! Managing the breakfast so smoothly, from set-up to clean-up.

Individuals, families, and local organizations were involved. The Lyme Conservation Commission, Those Guys of Lyme, and the Lyme Utility Club helped with outreach. Teams were organized at the Library and other locations, cleaning and greening up beloved community spaces. Many volunteers worked on more than one project or road. Volunteers and the neighbors they helped all looked forward to the big day, with some volunteers visiting the same friends they had met during a previous year’s Day of Service.

By Saturday afternoon, nearly all Lyme roads were “Greened Up” and many neighborhood projects were completed.  It was a lovely and uplifting day to experience the strength of community. And the sun decided to celebrate too! We couldn’t have asked for a better day, in weather or spirit. Both new project opportunities and new volunteers continue to pop up, so the spirit and important work of the day continue!

However you participated, we appreciate you! You helped demonstrate why our community is so special. Even Valley News thought so! Check out the front-page story by Ray Couture here.

It really was a lovely day!
Just a few moments that made us smile:
Photos HERE, courtesy of Freihofer Photography.

Thank you, Will Freihofer!

Of course the day wouldn’t be possible with out the incredible work of the organizing team of Sue Hanlon, Kathy McGowan, Lynn McRae, and Shelby Wood. If you see them, please congratulate them and thank them for sharing their love and energy to involve us all.

If you have photos or stories to share, please contact us at 603-795-0603 / shelby@cclyme.org