5 Tips on Preventing Falls From A Physical Therapist

Submitted by Angela Lacey, PT, DPT,
Physical Therapist at Sustaining Solutions Physical Therapy Pllc

Did you know that many people believe that falls are a normal part of the aging process? This is
just not true, falls should not be brushed off as a normal occurrence. Here are a few tips on
some simple actions you can take to reduce your risk of falls.

1. Footwear
Start where your feet hit the ground by wearing supportive shoes, shoes that have a
back and good tread. Those comfy slippers can make you take smaller steps which may
make you more likely to trip and fall.

2. Environment
Do you have a clear path to get around your home? One that is free of cords, rugs and
other obstacles? Is your current living environment conducive to living at home for as
long as you would like? Consider what modifications or equipment you might need to
allow you to remain safe and independent at home.

3. Medications
Certain medications, such as blood pressure medications or pain medications may
increase your risk of falls. Have a discussion with your doctor or pharmacist about
medications that may put you at a higher risk of falls or at a higher risk of injury if you
were to sustain a fall.

4. Get Moving
Maintaining or starting an active lifestyle will help you improve your strength, mobility and
balance. It is never too late to start, even small increases in activity can be beneficial.
Start with short walks inside your house or doing exercises during commercial breaks of
your favorite show. When in doubt consult with your physician or physical therapist as to
the best exercise program for you.

5. Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists are movement experts and can work with you to improve your
strength, mobility, balance and endurance. A physical therapist is an important part of
the team required to help maintain or regain your independence as well as, help you
meet your aging in place goals.

 Angela Lacey, PT, DPT
Angela Lacey, PT, DPTPhysical Therapist at Sustaining Solutions Physical Therapy Pllc
Sustaining Solutions Physical Therapy Pllc, is a mobile outpatient therapy clinic that provides services in the clients homes. The mission of Sustaining Solutions is to work together as part of the team to provide guidance and interventions to support clients’ desires to age in their homes. As well as to provide access to all members of the community regardless of their ability to travel or leave
their home for care. Angela Lacey is the owner and physical therapist for Sustaining Solutions Physical Therapy. Angela has over 15 years of experience working in a variety of settings including outpatient orthopedics and home health care. Angela is a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults and has a special interest in osteoporosis, balance training and fall prevention. Her goal is to work
with clients to allow them to continue to be safe and active in their homes and in the community.


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