Beyond Pronouns:
A Conversation with Grace Alden

CommunityCare of Lyme Mental Health Team Community Conversation
Wednesday, October 4th at 6pm on Zoom

Updated after the event

The CCL Mental Health Team welcomed Grace Alden for a community conversation, Beyond Pronouns. It was an intimate gathering, with a woman who is trans, a retired law enforcement officer, and now an educator, exploring many sides of the public discussion of gender.

The conversation was on Wednesday, October 4th at 6pm on Zoom. It was recorded and now available to watch.

It was a rich and powerful conversation:

How can you support a person in your family or a loved one who is trans or is going through transition?

What’s it like to face workplace discrimination?

What does “consistent, persistent, and insistent” have to do with whether a child or adolescent may be trans?

Are transition hormones harmful?

These and other questions are discussed openly between Grace and the community.

Click to watch the recording.


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